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My name is Joshua I am just starting my watch collection and looking for resources and information on watch servicing to maintain my current and future purchases. Currently I own an orient Mako 2 with the blue dial, this was my first automatic watch. I also own an Orient symphony in black and gold and last but not least my most recent purchase is a Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Red which I absolutely love. I look forward to learning and caring for my fleet. I have about 4 or 5 more that I would like to add when the time and money is right. 

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Hello everyone! My name is Keith, I go buy JazzDJ because that along with running a Jazz radio station and being a Jazz guitarist is what I did for 45 years. I'm also a watch and vintage clock junky, I've gotten hooked on restoring and repairing them as a Hobby, but not a pro, so sometimes I still have to take a watch in to an "old guy" watch tech I trust.

I've bought or collected a lot of vintage repair tools too as I learn more and more about doing restorations and repairs. I enjoy the concentration and skill needed to do this.

What got me started? My grandfathers 1921 "Illinois Watch Co" silver and gold 17 jewels "Marquis Autocrat" pocket watch he bought when he finally saved up enough money after he and his 6 brothers, 2 sisters and mother immigrated from the Sudetenland of Bohemia in 1919 to start a family farm in the Midwest America. I wound it for him on the farm every day when I was little and then my grandmother gave it to me when he passed away while I was in college. I recently found an identical "Illinois" Autocrat, 1924 though, I am now restoring that I will wear every day and also give them to appropriate family members. .... along with my "collections".


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