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  1. When the stem is extended to change hr/min hands, the whole module does slide over a bit, enough that I may be able to get a very skinny needle nose pliers I have to grab the stem and unscrew the crown. We'll see, I'm at a dead-end anyways. I assume the crown is screws on anti-clockwise looking from the crown end towards the stem and watch?? Thanks very much for this suggestion! Will report back either way.
  2. @JDM, or anyone? Need some help on Stem Removal. I've gotten the Bezel off using the 4-jaw removal tool, and as you can see in the photo attached, there is no typical Seiko "release lever" to allow the stem to be removed so the one-piece movement can be taken out of the watch body to get access to the rechargeable battery on the back side of the movement. I've opened a lot of Seiko and Lorus made movements, nothing ever like this. The movement looks like a plastic body with the face an opaque plastic. If you zoom the image I think you can see what looks like a thread on the Stem
  3. @JDM Yes, it doesn't help when nearly everyone that's an authorized Seiko dealer still list all the versions of the 3024-xx (MT920 family) as Capacitors. I know the movement works and for the single day the existing original 2023-24T Capacitor does hold enough charge (after 24 hours under a 1100 lum high intensity light), the watch keeps marvelously accurate time, not even dropping a second against my Atomic Clock. Then the second hand starts the 2-second skip indicating low charge and within minutes it stops. I am still having difficulty finding out which "New" LiON 3023-xx to
  4. Actually, no they were not a battery. While the specs for the original 2023 24T Capacitor seems to have disappeared from the internet, the replacement 3023 24T (aka MT920) are plentiful and everyone listing these specify that they are Capacitors, not "batteries". Yes they use Lithium as its mineral chemical composition, but they function as a capacitors and capacitors can be left for long periods in a discharged state .... just ask any electrical engineer. From the H&W Perrin Company website: : 3023-24T by SEIKO $11.85 SKU CT-3023-24T Genuine Seiko Capacitor 3023-24T Sei
  5. Hi JDM - Thanks for the detailed reply. The Bezel only looks like a rotating time ring, but it's just a "faux" divers watch, only rated to 50m. I think the Seiko "Solar Power" version actually had a rotating ring and Tritium on the hands and numbers and was rated to 200m or something. But, the bezel is fixed. Also, there are no "indent" or any indication that you could use a Snap Back knife to open the bezel. If this is not indeed a screw off bezel (using a screw type base wrench), then a 4 blade bezel tool is likely the only thing that will remove it. Then I'll need to figure o
  6. @watchweasol - I know that was the Seiko "company line" for both the Seiko and Lorus branded "Solar Power" versions, but there are an awful lot of folks that bought both and found the Capacitor died, like mine, only after 8 to 10 years and did have the Capacitor replaced with at first the original 2023 24T version and then the 3023 24T, which is apparently a much longer lived replacement. Seiko's "promise" of an 80-year life for this Capacitor was all hooey and likely the reason Seiko quickly dropped both their own branded model and the Lorus ones after just 10 years on the market. Both
  7. I have a 1980's Lorus/Seiko V851 Solar Watch I bought new in 1984 and the internal Capacitor has not lasted "80 years" as promised by Lorus/Seiko. It lasted more like 9 years. Does anyone know how do you open up a Lorus/Seiko V851 series Solar Powered wristwatch to replace the rechargeable Capacitor, since there is no back cover to remove (it's a one piece watch body)?? Does the bezel screw off, or "snap" off like a back would? I would rather not "experiment" on the watch since it is in physically literally Mint condition. I have all the professional tools, both vintage and new that any wat
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Keith, I go buy JazzDJ because that along with running a Jazz radio station and being a Jazz guitarist is what I did for 45 years. I'm also a watch and vintage clock junky, I've gotten hooked on restoring and repairing them as a Hobby, but not a pro, so sometimes I still have to take a watch in to an "old guy" watch tech I trust. I've bought or collected a lot of vintage repair tools too as I learn more and more about doing restorations and repairs. I enjoy the concentration and skill needed to do this. What got me started? My grandfathers 1921 "Illinois Wa
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