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Christmas has come early, just received a brand new Timegrapher 1900 (cause I've been a good boy and have only used naughty words 99 times a day instead of the usual 200+). Have been looking for lift angles of various Seiko movements but the links to lists have dried up, any one out there have these?

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Thanks for the info Bob & extra thanks to Clockboy for one very useful list.

Some seikos in this list.


Nice kit they sell too. No affiliation though.

Few more here among other makes.


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The PDFs from this thread above are no longer available. Try:

Also, you can look up Seiko movements here and this reference sometimes has lift angles and technical sheets listed:

It's not a complete list, and I have a hard time finding Lift Angles for some of my vintage Seiko's, so I will add a few more JIC.

- Lord Marvel 5740-8000 (5740C) 53°
- King Seiko 5625-7110 (5625A,B)  56°
- Seiko 6602-7040 (6602B) : 52°
- Lord matic 5606-7190 : 56°
- Grand Seiko 4522-7010 : 52°

Also, understand that if you do watch repair and can't find a lift angle, you can measure this yourself, here is a great doc and video that explains the concept:


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