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My first filmed movement strip

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So, inspired by Marks excellent videos I decided to try filming a service, by crikey, it's extremely tricky, working around a camera and trying to keep things in shot.
This is part 1 of a Seiko 7019A strip, a Seiko 5 (Franken) I bought at a flea market in Hamburg and should have had a 7S26 movement.
I could have swapped the movement for one of the 7S26's I have but where's the fun in that, besides which, it wouldn't have been the same watch I bought as a holiday keepsake.
Apologies for the first 4 minutes of footage which youtube seems to have butchered making it look 480p, it does go back to acceptable after that, I had tried to use my mobile phone which films in 4K so I could have a bit of working distance and then crop in to still have 1080p. If it doesn't rectify itself I shall have to remove and reupload the video as the original rendered video plays ok.


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