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  1. Been there done that. Cracks me up every time I watch it.
  2. Is Mark our forum owner ok? how are you doing? To be honest I am doing some Watch work but really bothered about our forum owner and members. Jon
  3. Hey we are under pressure, please don't think I was having a dig. Live long and prosper.
  4. I think you missed the joke.
  5. Best wishes to everyone on this forum, I have a project I may post to keep the faith up a little. Is Mark our forum host ok?
  6. Bergeon Screwdrivers 10X Loupe with Saphire lens Dumont Tweezers No5
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum.
  8. Can be used to soak up excess moisture from cleaned parts, thats one use at least.
  9. Hope this helps a little. https://www.watchtime.com/reference-center/glossary/amplitude/ We are hear to help so please ask. A timegrapher is one of the best tools you can have imho.
  10. Thank you kind Sir and merry Christmas to you also. Rogart63 is a gentleman and has helped me out with parts which has been and is appreciated.
  11. Locked away mate I have no choice but to wait. Patience is a good thing at least thats what they keep telling me.
  12. Family have bought me these for christmas. Can't play with them until the big day.
  13. It really is amazing how far things can travel, I was talking to a Watchmaker a few months back and he told me he lost a complete balance in his workshop and has still not found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Quote: No doubt I will find it when I retire and take all my work benches down.
  14. Parts can fly a fare distance so I would try using a magnet to find your lost part and expand your search by about 6 feet.
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