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  1. Thank you. This repair forum is fantastic on many levels the people on here are honest and reliable and makes the whole experience pleasurable.
  2. There is still a cost implication especially pardon the pun starting from scratch. Sometimes it is cheaper just to replace given time constraints and materials even as a hobby, we only have a certain amount of time and money to play with. But I have to agree the satisfaction in acheiving a task like this is amazing, just wish my family and friends would realise this.
  3. How much does it cost to have someone polish such a glass inc materials and labour.
  4. Looks very good. Could you supply the sources for the parts used? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for that but the other mainspring mentioned is no longer available.
  6. I have found an alternative spring which is cousins part no: GR2378X 0.95X.12 X400 X10.5 Ever so slightly thicker but the nearest I could find. However I will clean the original and see how it performs. Many thanks to jdm
  7. Thank you. Cousins has a 7s26 listed but not a 7s26a. I am a big fan of the A movement as it is the best variant.
  8. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if the mainspring barrel complete for a 7s26 will fit a 7s26a ? I am about to service a 7s26a. 7s26 barrels are available from Cousins. Thank you. Jon
  9. I don't use a loupe for assembling unless checking parts so am I odd? I have no difficulty so far in fitting parts. When I do use a Loupe it is 10X.
  10. Lots of information on these so I would take a look on YouTube. This may make a good start.
  11. That would be good. And I like your design choice.
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