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  1. Thanks, gentlemen I have ordered some from France.
  2. Hi, Gents. Can I get away with using Moebius 8300 on the barrel walls of a Seiko 6309 automatic? I have a new spring on the way from Cousins so any advice on fitting it would be welcome. Many thanks. Jon
  3. Interesting tip in the book called Maintaining & Repairing Mechanical Watches A Practical Guide by Mark W Wiles. So it seems the method VWatchie uses is correct. Page 148
  4. I would think it more likely to damage or break the needle doing it that way.
  5. My hairspring fixing is not good, but I suppose I could have a go.
  6. Afternoon gentlemen. Does anyone have any idea where might get a replacement balance complete with balance cock for an FE 233-60 movement, the one I have is a complete mess. Any pointers appreciated. Jon
  7. Thank you. Can a mod please move it.
  8. posted a couple of YouTube videos which is a first for me, they are very short. This is the longest one of the two.
  9. One thing for sure you would need to thoroughly clean it before you put another type of oil in, which would be time-consuming and what would you clean it with to avoid damaging its seals.
  10. That is strange, I wonder why.
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