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  1. Agreed. I played around for a couple of hours, then left it till the next day and made my little tool which did the trick.
  2. Thank you. I can only seem to find pictures of the flower type design and not the one pictured above so was a little perplexed.
  3. Had a bit of practice fitting a shock spring which was fun, and ended up making a little tool to fit it back into the movement. Anyone know what the spring is called, movement is a Seiko 7S26. Many thanks from Jon
  4. Are the end stones correctly installed?
  5. I am currently using strip lighting and an LED bench / desk light, and yes that is my ultrasonic on the right which I will be changing for a bigger one.
  6. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been re-jigging my workshop so I can do Watch repairs in a more orderly manner. Its a work in progress but coming on pretty nicely. Best wishes from Jon.
  7. Very many thanks for the information.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the information, most interesting and useful information. I purchased through a Watchmaker moebius 8981.
  9. Thank you. I managed to obtain a bottle rather cheaply so am curious as to the best way to apply, my thinking was to use an oiler but really not sure.
  10. Looking good so far, I am currently re-jigging my workshop so I can do Watch repairs and also get started with level two of your Watch repair course.
  11. Hello, Can anyone advise on how Epilame is applied? for example on a pallet fork. I hope this is not a stupid question. Thanks from Jon
  12. Excellent to see a tool upgrade. Where did you get the screwdrivers?
  13. Might be a good idea to insert a pin to prevent it from getting crushed, then tighten with a pin vise.
  14. Very well done, any particular difficulties with these?
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