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New Member - watch collector and repair enthusiast

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Hello WRT!

Happy to join this community. I joined so i can learn a bit more about horology and watchmaking. I will also lend a hand to anyone who i think i can help. I was a member on of another forum that was not very kind or helpful to the fellow hobbyist/enthusiast. I hope this environment is better gauged to helping people rather than putting them down for lack of knowledge or simply disregard your advice simply because you are not a professional although you actually know what you are talking about. I have been working on watches for 3 years now and although i dont claim to be a pro i do have an extensive understand on how watches work, how to diagnose problems, and how to fix them. My work has consisted of Overhauls, balance work, posing, regulating, movement swaps, mods, case refinishing and polishing, crystal and bezel changing, etc. MY main body of work revolves around seiko and ETA movements, military watches from WWII, and WWI trench watches. I am a big collector of PilMIl watches and seikos, esp trench watches. I vow to only give advice on situations that I have only experienced myself as a hobbyist, I do not speak of things I dont know about, and I will be courteous to my fellow WRT members. IF there are any concerns please let me know for i do not want to join the forum on the wrong foot. 

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Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.

We don't mind what questions members ask. We are here to help. Photos can help as many on here like you are hobbyist/enthusiast and it helps them to join in. Don't forget no question is stupid. We look forward to your input. 

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