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  1. you can buy a vintage pallet setter off ebay for $15
  2. automatic oilers definitely help when it comes to oiling but you can do the same job with regular oilers. its like driving a mercedes instead of a chevy they will both get you where your going but one will be a smoother ride because there is more bells and whistles. Personally I agree with clockboy with only the 1A really being worth it. I like it because it makes servicing quicker, guarantees correct oil amount, and fits perfectly in jewel holes. Not to mention keeping the oil safe from contamination.
  3. oh yea thats a vintage movement and cases are not available aftermarket. but you can find a parts citizen and use the case
  4. not sure but seems like you have to measure the diameter and collet bore, then select material. My concern would be the stud, guessing you have to attach the old stud to the new spring. seems like too much of a hassle. there are plenty of working movements on ebay for $30 or less. I have two of them if you need one
  5. yea i get that but would be nice to see a how to video
  6. anyway you can upload a video? I been wanting to know how to do this myself, ive tried different methods, however i dont have a lathe. There is no videos out there on lapping.
  7. i think thats what i have to do remove the o ring
  8. stem and crown operate fine in the movement while outside the case. its an issue with with crown going into the case. it still operates as it should when all together but its really hard to pull the crown out to set the time. i actually need crown pliers to get out you cant even do it with your fingers. and again this is happened with a 6105 case and a 6139 case. i just dont get it
  9. i tried that, the crown fits fine in the one gets stuck in the other. there is no visible damage to the tubes for both case and crown. i believe the issue to be the outside of the case tube not the inside. i just dont get it. I dont have a lathe so i cant really do any modifying. i guess i will just have no choice but transfer the crystal and bezel to the other case. just sucks because i have to polish the other case and its not mint the like the case i wanted to use.
  10. its def. an oem crown and both crowns and stems are exactly the same. the movement spacer is perfectly aligned. i never have this problem with any other brand besides seiko its almost as if each crown is manufactured along with their respective case and wont fit right in any other case.
  11. hello, I have an issue with a stem from a seiko 6106 rally diver, I have had the same issue with a 6139 and 6105 as well and ITs totally mind boggling. How could a stem which is made for the same exact watch not fit right in a different case for the same watch? for example i had a 6106 which is mint i fully restored it new factory crystal fully serviced movement all i needed was a stem and crown. I purchased a parts 6106 the exact same model! literally same model 6106-8100 (since no other crown from 6106 is the same as the rally diver version) when i put the stem and crown in the case it is really hard to pull the crown out, yet when i put it back into the old it case its perfect! I had this issue with a 6139 and a 6105 same situation same exact case and model. i cleaned the inside of the tube i greased the washer, i mean what the hell! can someone explain this twighlight zone phenomenon with seiko stems???
  12. ever think about trying kluber P125 on the barrel walls. has way better breaking power than 8217.
  13. normally i would agree with this, but not in this case, i think motion would have more to do with watch speeding up at this point, temperature and gravity usually accounts to about +-5sec deviation together but +25 above the tolerances listed will not be be due to temperature unless he is running in 90 degree weather for a full hour but not from normal activity in 60 degree weather
  14. Can you identify the movement in the citizen? Probably a Myiota Iam guessing. Cases are def. available for Myiota but then again it depends on the caliber and also how old the movement is. I would do your search based on the movement because to try to get another case for a different movement to fit even though it may have the same size diameter and even height will still be very difficult. If you manage to get a movement to fit you also have to consider securing the movement with a spacer and fitting a new stem and crown. Not for the faint at heart.
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