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Found this on ebay the other week. Cost £2.45 – I’m a big spender me!


When I got it the first thing I noticed was the smell. Whoever owned this didn’t just smoke – they must have eaten tobacco and coated themselves with tobacco tar.

So stripped it down and put it in the cleaner. Twice. Still got a hint of tobacco tar.


I looked up the serial number and this was made between 1900 and 1905.


It’s one of the Ingersoll watches that were sold in the UK for 4/- (4 shillings – or about 20p - today that’s around £70). Pin pallet and damn fiddly to get back together.

Anyway – it's back in one piece and it runs nicely (gaining slightly and if you've seen any of my other posts you know my nemesis is everything runs slow - so fast is great lol). Dials a bit of a mess so made a new one:


And here it is – needs a bow, second hand and maybe a new crystal. Might need to reprint the dial as damaged it a bit - the laser print is more delicate than you'd think.


What ever coating the case has is long since gone - it's left a patina that looks almost like a tortoise shell in places - probably all that tobacco tar lol

 (I wanted to get more photos of the job in progress but I end up getting engrossed and forget to take any)

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A little tip about those movements. It is good practise to check the tips of the balance as they can wear and get blunt, if you have a lathe you can sharpen them into a point, also the two cups the balance fit into wear and can be rough in side, with a burr tool you can remove that. You have done wonders with the dial. Back in the 70’s and 80’s there were millions of these around, they had a chrome like finish, with some you could see the brass? coming through because of wear. All parts on these movements are interchangeable including the dials and hands, same goes for the bow.

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