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  1. Well with a aluminium case you wouldn't need to worry about woodworm...
  2. There is more to the clock - the images show it partially reassembled. In brief - we moved home last August and part of the agreement was we took on the new place 'as it' complete with junk. So while clearing the shad I found the remains of a clock. The case had long since surrengered to woodworm and damp. All that was left was the momement. No trace of the dial or hands. It was full of dust and 20 years worth of mouse dropping and nesting material. I've stripped it and cleaned it. I'm part was through re-assembling it. There is a lot of wear on most of the bushings but otherwise it seems like it should be repairable. This is the first clock I've done so I'm taking it slow. I can't make busings yet and can't afford the premade sets and tools - but I've got a mini-lathe. More photos here https://photos.app.goo.gl/deg3Q42VT1Rxpkyi6
  3. Here we go - front and back
  4. I found an old mechanism in the shed and decided to clean it up. It's now clean(er) and it needs about 6 new bushings - I can't quite do that yet. Until then I want to reassemble and check it over. I took a load of photos before disassembly but of course there is always one more I should have taken. This is it - the shaft the hammer sits on, is this the correct position relative to the leaf spring? There was nothing on this pin when I found the mechanism - what should be there? Finally there seems to be an excessive amount of movement in the spring barrel - not the shaft. So much so that the barrel fouls one of the wheels: When done will post the full story... (ps - again each file was 7MB and each failed to upload - error 200, but was ok when reduced in size)
  5. Thank you - think I'll try and remove it all. My ultrasonic cleaner isn't that big so it doesn't really fit with the shaft in.
  6. Have just had exactly the same problem (same error message). Tried one at a time but that didn't work. In the end used smaller lower grade images.
  7. (First post in months - moved mid Aug and it's still chaos here) The new house was a fixer upper and the old guy was a a horder. We agreed to take it on with junk for a knock down price. Cleaning out the shed I found the skellington of a Napoleon Mantle clock. 20+ years in a damp shed and between the rot and the woodworm there wasn't much left and what was there disintegrated when I listed it. BUT there was a mechanism there - no face just the mech. That was the best thing I found in there (in fact the only thing of note) Never worked on a clock before but thought this would be a good intro. It appeared to have had a good oiling (read 3-in-1) at some point in the past so other than a few bits wasn't corroded. Pulled the fluff and wood debris out and gave it a blast in the cleaner. Stripped it down except for two shafts - I think the ends are press on and simply need to be pulled off, but don't want to get it wrong and bugger it up. So how do I remove these two?
  8. lol - yes, there were a few frames with bits of me in - thought I'd deleted them but missed one or two.
  9. Sorry - meant to post at the time.... all done and working fine. One happy dad.
  10. Thought I'd try something different.... My first every stop frame video... https://youtu.be/srqzHXbt3DI
  11. While true I think a bit of pragmatism is needed. If I bought the correct tool for every job I did (watches or otherwise) then I would need a warehouse to keep them all I would need another mortgage to pay for them all
  12. Roger - that's what I'm worried about lol.
  13. I don't normally do quartz but when I showed my father a watch I'd done he dug this old Viceroy out of a drawer and asked if I could look at it, "Got sentimental value that" he said. Oh well, it's full of gum, got a flat battery and a stuck button. I've blasted it in the U/S and the water was black when done lol. I've not done a quartz watch button - how do I get this out and back? It looks to be a minute c-clip. If I push it off will I ever get it back on again or do I need a special tool?
  14. lol - good advice. Ok - will be careful. It looks to still be solid - no dust of breakup.
  15. There isn't a serial number on this one so not sure of the age yet. Looks like it's got a radium dial though How do you safely handle that? Can the radium paint be removed/dissolved?
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