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Pins how many types and is there a chart?

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Hi everyone i'm new on this forum , and to the world of horology, so all help & tips are welcome in learning and understanding how to solve some of the problems i come across..   so i apologise in advance if some of the question i will post will seem "childish" to you.


I have a SECTOR no limits Watch ( well known cheap Italian brand ) i decided to open and do a battery change... I found out that who ever serviced it before bent the case pin or at least did not replaced it with a new one as i was told was part of the full service. < Battery replacement, seals replacement and pressure testing >


My issue is finding out what pin it is and where to order one.

I have seen a few types over the net and in a few net shops but none like this.

Is it an exclusive to the make? Can i replace it with another of a different type and witch one would suit best?


Thanks for all help and suggestions... 


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32 minutes ago, Andrewolf79 said:


I have seen a few types over the net and in a few net shops but none like this.

Is it an exclusive to the make? Can i replace it with another of a different type and witch one would suit best?

You can replace it with a split pin or (with the right dies) make the creases in a straight pin.

But in practice in most cases for bracelet pins it's enough to straighten them manually in order to reduce the play. 

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