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How to alter THIS kind of watch strap?


Hi there watch repair experts and fans! My first time here so please be gentle with me ;)

It concerns the ladies watch you see in the pics and, in particular, its rather unusual metal bracelet strap.

I want to make the strap a few links shorter.

Normally with metal bracelets it is, of course, all about pushing out the pins, taking out the bits of the bracelet you don't need and then putting it all back together.

But THIS one has a weird-looking two-section bracelet which, as far as I can see, is held together by very small screws (?)  from each side and no pins involved.

Obviously I am wondering what to do to get the pins/screws out.

Another thing of course i that I will have to take one link from either side of the bracelet.

Anyone seen a bracelet like this before. HOW to do this adjustment??

I hope you can see what you need to in these photos.







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In the last picture it looks like it has 2 catches.

If it is put together with split pins and not screws your only adjustment might be to remove the second catch and its link to make it shorter

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Maybe I'm not see it correctly, but isn't that a second clasp with the red arrow pointing at it?

If it is you should be able to open it and remove the link and other clasp to shorten the bracelet.



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Hello wilding,

On this friendly forum before making a post for help or advice. We like new members to introduce themselves. Just say a little about what you do and about yourself.

We like that to go into the Introducing Yourself Here. This is the link.


Members please do not reply until he has introduced himself.


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