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  1. Is there any way someone can link me to a good, helpful guide on choosing proper watch glass size and glass gasket size. Every time I order either a crystal (when I don't have the previous one) or a crystal gasket, it's the wrong size and I'm getting extremely frustrated waiting 2-3 weeks for Cousins to ship me another size.
  2. Hey everyone, As you can see from the photos below, the minute hand on this Caravelle is pretty badly bent, in both the horizontal and vertical direction. It runs against the hour markers often when it goes by. I’ve been searching for replacement hands on eBay but I’ve had no luck, would anyone be able to recommend me to a website or somewhere that might have replacement hands? I’m assuming I’ll have to just bend it back best I can and re-lume the hand. So my question would be what are the best techniques for this? Do I apply any heat? Do I try clamping it flat? Bend with tweez
  3. Hey everyone! Hope this isn’t a stupid question, I’m still really new to this hobby... I have this 11dp movement in a watch that was passed down to me, and it will start running if I shake it. As you can see from the picture, it has no rotor, it’s just a wind movement. I’m assuming this is due to a problem, and is not normal. Would anyone be able to tell me what common problems could be the cause of this? Also any other helpful tips to do with this movement would be greatly appreciated. I’m still waiting on receiving some tools before I can start to service movements but I’m hoping t
  4. I'll definitely take a look at these options until I spend the money on the timegrapher. Thanks!
  5. Ok awesome, I have a crystal press already so I can do that no problem. The mineral glasses I've ordered from Cousins before didn't come with a gasket so I'm thinking maybe I throw one in with my order just in case? It's only like $1.50 Canadian so I'll just skip my Tim Hortons coffee tomorrow to pay for it. Do you think the size I mentioned in my original post is good?
  6. Hello friends! I was taking apart a Seiko today (reference V657-8060) for a well deserved clean and restoration, and when I popped the crystal out it had no gasket. It was definitely glued on, I’m assuming with G-S Hypo Cement and it was a gross yellowish colour and had for sure had water and dirt react with it over time. I cleaned all the glue off, took measurements of the crystal and it seems to be 29mm (1.5mm thickness). It fits loosely in the case which I measured to be slightly larger, from 29.05 to 29.1mm. Any other watch I would’ve just ordered a 29mm crystal and some Hypo Cem
  7. Thanks so much for the reply John! I'll definitely have to look into getting a working movement to practice with, I actually already have a Seiko 6349 23J (which actually might just be a 6309 17J but with the 6349 bridge) that is running, do you know if this movement is easy enough to start on compared to the ETA 6497 clone? I'm looking into getting a good set of screwdrivers now, I might go for the Horotec set. On the subject of oiling, do you have any personal recommendations for oiling tools? I've seen a variety on Cousins and they don't seem too expensive in general unless you opt for
  8. Was just given the three watches today (seen below) by a family member, all not running and all needing some cosmetic work. The Timex on the very right is a manual wind and it doesn’t work. This marks the first of my projects that isn’t a quartz movement that just needs a battery. I had been looking for an automatic or manual wind that isn’t running on eBay for my first service, but I hadn’t found one yet and I didn’t think I’d get one so soon. I’ve been thrown in the deep end. My tool collection so far: teezers (no.3 and no.5), case back opening kit, crystal press kit, movement hold
  9. Thanks for the swift reply! I thought there was another ring that fits on top after you case the movement, before you put the back on (see photo below, this is from google images). I’m assuming since the 6309 was used for multiple kinds of watches including divers that there was variations to how it was cased? It just looks a bit empty around the edge and I was worried the crown was the only thing holding the movement in place. I guess that leads me to another question: is there supposed to be an o-ring gasket in that empty space? The watch didn’t come with a gasket at all so I ordered
  10. Thanks Poljot, I’ve read some threads already and I see you’re very active. I actually posted about looking for a movement ring to hold my Seiko 6349A in its case, I’ll take a look at these stores to see if they have any!
  11. I recently purchased what I call a “Franken-watch” Seiko from a seller on eBay from India. As I’m sure many of you know by now there are hundreds of listings (see screenshot below) for cheap Seiko watches with weird dials, most likely repainted. They aren’t fully “fake” as most of them come with genuine Seiko movements. My Retro Watches has a good video where he looks at a watch he bought from a dealer similar to this if you’re curious, see link below. https://youtu.be/G_m4b3OBEMI Anyways I thought one of these cheap weird watches would be a fun one to play around with as my first pr
  12. Hey everyone I'm a 23 year old mechanical engineer from Canada and I just recently got into watches! As of now I've only tackled smaller, more cosmetic projects like replacing broken crystals and gaskets or fixing/polishing bracelets and cases, but I'm slowly collecting the tools I'll need to eventually fully service a movement. That's my goal by the end of the year. I'm excited to join this forum as I don't know any other people who are into watches. Cheers!
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