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  1. Hi every one i've been buying a few books about watches , history of the different companies, movements and how they got to the fine tuning but i was wondering if any of you can suggest dedicated "manuals" for the individuals makes or movements. With cars there are well detailed instruction, CD with plans and diagrams for tolerances or oils\greas to be used recommended by the manufacturer, codes for replacements and standard maintenance bits and bobs .. i was wondering is there such a thing in the watch world?
  2. Hi everyone i'm new on this forum , and to the world of horology, so all help & tips are welcome in learning and understanding how to solve some of the problems i come across.. so i apologise in advance if some of the question i will post will seem "childish" to you. I have a SECTOR no limits Watch ( well known cheap Italian brand ) i decided to open and do a battery change... I found out that who ever serviced it before bent the case pin or at least did not replaced it with a new one as i was told was part of the full service. < Battery replacement, seals replacement and
  3. thanks to you all guys i like it the way ppl really a willing to help.
  4. Yes, indeed lol, especially over the net when you only have a name to figure out who's on the other side, you can't imagine how many ppl have phoned me expecting a woman's voice....
  5. Amazing advice just what I was looking for, this will get me started hands on...and have a more realistic feel on what I'm planing to do in future.
  6. Indeed, I hope what I have will be of interest and a good conversation topic. First time I'll go back to Italy I'll take a few pictures of my family fortunes to see if there's anything interesting to be talked and discovered for you guys an me.
  7. Thanks guys!! So I'll dig straight away in the forum what are the basic movements to look for or buy to start learning how to.. strip down fix clean adjust and reassemble...
  8. Hi everyone i'm Andrew 38yo Italian and i've lived in London since 2001, moved to the UK from Turin italy for a change of career. Passion for time machines, watches & Clocks is always been in me since i was a little kid and i loved my Grandad huge Grand Father Clock and his vintage Gold Rolex that he always praised.. I have a small collection of watches i gathered trough the years nothing fancy but very dear to me, I always commemorate a special event or occasion with a watch and in the last decade the passion has grew stronger in finding more and more about who makes them there
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