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Picked This Up Sometime Ago $12 With Shipping Nw


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I wish you luck.  ebay has been really been hit or miss.  Picked up two HMT's, guy said they both run well-  one showed up DOA and the other was losing 3+ minutes a day.  I opened the DOA watch, to my surprise the case back was full of debris (hair and dirt).  I really need to keep my camera ready while tinkering! 

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After I got it working again I took it to a jeweler for polishing. He told me that was a stainless steel band but titanium case and I couldn't have it polished but took the time to show me how to put the satin on the band. Just wish there wasn't the language barrier.

Sent on the go with barley, water, yeast and hops

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Been on the brew beforehand? :-)


I wish,  since starting homebrewing- I would of never believed how many people are interested in trying my beers and how many people are willing to do favors for my beers.  I just had a doctor from my work (originally from Belgium) tell me he that my saison was fantastic and good enough to sell even back home.  I made 5 gallons (20 liters) of a 6.5% ABV saison and it cost me about $15 USD, 4 hours to brew, a week in the fermentor and overnight being carbonated.


The watchmaker was from Mexico and spoke very little English and my Spanish is about as good as a 3 year old!  Yet, it was a very cool learning experience.  I figure in 15 years I'll have 30 years of employment at my current job and that's about the time in which my boss is retiring.  I'm still hopeful to have the experience to be a watchmaker by then, I've tried to talk to several watchmaker about some sort of apprenticeship in which I would give them several hours a week of whatever work to keep showing me more.  None have bitten-  the watchmaker from Mexico told me to come back anytime with questions and/or problems.  I just feel in most cases the questions I would have e.g. how do you tell between a plastic crystal, mineral and/or sapphire crystal? the language barrier would be too great.

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