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  1. I'm considering getting a stereo microscope, around the £400-£500 mark. Someones recommended this one to me Ebay item 191085725004 which I've almost brought a couple of times this week, but can anyone give me an alternative recommendation.Also having never actually used one (which is probably the reason I've hesitated on buying it) do they make life easier, are they easy to get to grips with? Lee
  2. I can't beleive its been 2 years since I last posted here! I still watch all of Marks videos though! I used to post here regular, but life changes your path sometimes and I'm now getting back into watches again. so heres my story! My Nan passed away a couple of weeks ago (97) and my Mum and I began the clear up operation at the weekend. In a draw was 2 pocket watches, both seized, one minus its glass. I serviced this one first and it went smoothly & I'm about to order a glass for it. The other was not so good, the minute wheel is missing teeth, presumable from a heavy handed hour wheel push on! so can anyone help me ID the movement or help me with a minute wheel or cousins reference number to order one? I have two sons, & it would have been nice to have given each one, one of these watches as a keep sake. The movement has UNO 7 jewels & DF&Co written on it the watch on the left is the one I've got working & need to order a glass & the DF & Co is on the right. Best regards Lee
  3. Turned to eBay and after trawling the pocket watches (why do people always show the dial before the movement! Especially on “needs servicing” watches that are obviously spares or repairs!) I found another, which arrived today and boom swapped the minute wheel and away it went.
  4. Fair play. You have to admire this.
  5. Lee

    Stereo Microscope

    This week I took delivery of a www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk BM1 long arm microscope. Several of you where interested in this & how I got on so I thought I'd do a review. bear in mind its written after only a couple of uses, by someone who has a few years experience on quartz but only 6 months experience on mechanical watches. Image from brunelmicroscopes Cost (including post & vat at time of writing) £219.60 First impressions where pretty good, for a couple of hundred pounds you get a well made, heavy & positive feeling microscope. you get a nice cover & some additional madnifications You can adjust the eye lenses to suit your eyes & adjust the long arm in various directions. I found three faults with the microscope, the first is if you swing the arm by 90 degrees the base is not weighty enough to support it & the unit tips over this means you have to pretty much use it directly inline with the base which gives a more limited space under which to work, especially if you adjust the eyes to suit a seated position, although once I got going I didn't notice it, it was enough. The second issues was the light got pretty hot & it didn't half make me jump when I touched the back of my hand on it, which being made to jump when your talking watches isn't the greatest of news is it! but I think this is only a matter of getting used to it as a set up The third issue was the quality of the lenses as you can see they look quite cheap & Chinese nasty & I'd like to have perhaps had something to put them in to keep the dust out of them. To work with the microscope is a joy! I mean a serious joy! my hand was a lot steadier, things where more precise. changing lense is a simple case of sliding one out & sliding the next in I found with the angle i'd set the eye lenses to gave me about 10cm of work space, which was more than enough, I didn't foul with the microscope at all. the first job I did with the microscope was to change a date when on a 255.411 from the white it was supplied with to a gold one from the watch I was repairing & I have to say I have never found doing a piece of work on a watch so pleasing. the preciseness So all in all, as a user you can see & feel this is an entry level stereo longarm microscope, but its still a long, long was out in front of an eyeglass/loupe and is a sound investment for an intermediate user & I would throughly recommend one at this price I'd give it about 7.5 out of 10. Lee
  6. Whilst annoyed at the swatch groups practice, I wasn't won over to make a contribution to the action fund. because of this sentence It was the only thing in the letter they said they where going to do with the 70k they planned to raise. there was no mention of using 70k to finance alternative solutions or to finance meetings with swatch direct. It felt a fruitless effort to me. Watches aren't my bread & butter, but they are a major player in my income. There a hundreds/thousands of people in my possition who fit ETA quartz movements day in day out who wouldn't donate because of the wolly nature of the action fund. Just my opinion of course. Lee
  7. Lee

    Stereo Microscope

    100% & totally satisfied.for low/med volume its perfect. Lee
  8. I like them fully restored & looking like new, don't like to be scruffy, lol. Lee
  9. Clear your cookies, I have a website & migrated to the same software as here & some members where reporting having issues with being logged off between visits or having trouble logging on in the first place. once they cleared the sites cookie & got a fresh one everything was OK.
  10. Poor sod, I bet he'll be to scared to buy another watch as long as he lives! We've all made mistakes & £80 ain't going to break the bank, imagine if it had been £800 could you imagine the wording in the listing then!
  11. Mind you **BLEEP** expensive even for one from cousins. But I'd still go that route. if it got soaked & the circuit fails after you've spent the time stripping it these are now "restricted" (dear old swatch!) so you'd have put all that work in for nothing. New movement for peice of mind IMO.
  12. personally I've only ever brought or sold items I can actually afford to lose the money with from Ebay. Its a tuff one to deal with really. Some (not all) take liberties, but its also worth remembering some people are as honest as the day is long. the watch could genuinely have packed up at the moment they first wound it. put yourself in their shoes for that, how would you feel?
  13. Lee

    My Workbench....

    i like that bags on a hook idea, thats neat.
  14. brings new meaning to dropping bits on the floor, it pinged that way...........Ermmmmmmmm which ways the floor?
  15. i thought it was something else when I first looked. :unsure:
  16. I followed Marks video to straighten a hairspring, only I spent an entire day (maybe two) f**cking thing...... it takes years of experience to do that. its like anything, someone whos good makes things look soooooooooooo easy.
  17. I got mine from A.G.Thomas some time ago, but their website is such a mish mash, it would probably pay to phone them. I don't think Seiko have ever officially sold them, I just think that occasionally the suppliers acquired them.
  18. Personally I don't muck about, I use a YT02A
  19. I'll start. you have to reply with this "Merry Christmas I will remember this year because" it was the year I decided to take my business of 25 years in a new direction & its the year I brought a mainspring winder, not something I would have expected 25 years ago when I started a cobblers shop! Seasons greetings. Lee
  20. I'm so glad you have your "Old" details perish the thought of anyone wanting to know the new ones! you say nothing to hide, but in my view its shady and also against the UK's distance selling regulations https://www.gov.uk/online-and-distance-selling-for-businesses/overview I for one wouldn't deal with you with your current website. you have some good gear too. not adding a contact even to a new website is never going to launch it into the horological world as a game player. Just a view of course.
  21. I was lucky really, but I have a fairly big shop & a LOT of machinery around other trades I do, a lot of stuff was damaged, but as I walked in & realised what was happening I practically dived over the watch bench to protect it like it was a child. I felt emotional the first day & it was all over that. I couldn't care less about the other machines! Anyway, time flies you get out of the routine of checking into websites & once you're out of the loop of conversations its sometimes hard to get back involved. but we will see how it goes!
  22. I've been about but have been busy with work. we had a new roof put on the building & whilst the old one was off we had a torrential downpoor that left the entire building a public swimming pool. This was my watch bench the morning after when I came in. So that lost me a weeks productivity & I've only really got myself straight & on an even keel again this week. I feel like an outsider reading the posts, but I'll get back into it again now. Lee
  23. A bit late to the party on this one, but its quite easy to figure it all out. You can search the "who is" data base for any website & this one registers to jnash he opted out of showing his address but a google search for his name pulls up a result for his blog & if you do a whois for that address you find out where he lives, his telephone number & his email address. all in the public not so private domain. you have to be sooooooooo careful jnash! lol