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  1. Wow, fantastic. My luminox is was what brought me to this hobby. The watch was given to me as an engagement gift from my wife, some 17+ years ago. Some years ago it took a hard whack and the second hand fell off. Took it to a jeweler and was told they needed a special licence because it was radioactive ~$250 to fix it. Watched a few bunn special and mark's videos and fixed it. The lume is definitely dim now so here's to a new project! THANK YOU!
  2. At our last house someone called the cops as I was brewing beer. Said I was making moonshine- cops come asked a couple of questions and showed up a few hours later when their shift was over with beers to learn how to homebrew! I showed those neighbors!
  3. So it's been a really really long time. We moved, much bigger house that needed lots of repairs but closer to my work and much better schools for the Kids- yeah we had another one of those too Now I've reached a point that I can start working on my workshop (woodworking and beer brewing) area and also my watchmaking area. To celebrate this and my recent birthday I picked up a 1970 Bulova Sea King Automatic 11 ANACB. Currently it has several issues but hopefully, they will get resolved quickly! Dan
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! I guess - I'll be stuck using the analog way for awhile, gonna teach myself Access. In the meantime, I've included a link to the sheet I've been using for a few years now- it's not great but it works for me, just really wanted a more digital version to add pictures of the repairs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jexYzqdwjCGT7BDvOrJgXB2I57DYhuB2wLwv20CPMqE/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Sorry for the long time absence- been brewing beer and fell behind on the watches side. However, I will finally be getting a semi-dedicated area for watch repairs as we bought a new home several months ago. Granted the home needed quite a bit of work but slowly the different "areas" are coming together. As I get the new area together over the next few months I was curious what you guys use, if any, to track the repairs you do. Such as excel spreadsheet, free management software or even paid. I was hoping to get suggestions as the paper sheets I've been using, In which I lost a bunch in the move, work great but are analog and I would like to add pictures in this process. I have a pretty nifty google spreadsheet for brewing which is heavily automated: Blind Monk Brewing most of the 20+ tabs are hidden from the public but is extremely useful to me. I just didn't want to remake the wheel if there was an option already available. Thank you for your Time, Dan B
  6. https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/search?SearchString=ronda+715
  7. Damn you date wheel- took me several tries! That was before any beers, or after- can't remember :startle: Daniel
  8. I just got a few watches from the bay..... I just started on a 4205B. Thanks for this walkthrough. Daniel
  9. Wearing one of my "heavy Hitters" today....... :)
  10. Thank you, I'll have to dig around the settings for that. Dan B.
  11. I have a Luminox that I got as an engagement gift from my soon to be wife- some 15 years ago. That was also the watch that started me down the watch repair rabbit hole! After 15 years the lume is quite faded- It had amazing lume for at least the first 10 years. Looks Great!
  12. I've got about 10 watches to fix that all require tools and or parts, so I've been trying to sell the watches that are fixed already to gather funds for tools and parts. Nothing of real interest and rather low end (Fossil quartz, Invicta quartz and autos, a few Croton autos) in many of the case they go for peanuts on "the bay" but I have been frustrated with the buyer not paying. I've opened 4 cases in the last few months for people not paying $20-40 for the watch they bid on and won. The question I have for you guys is where do you sell the watches you fix? I've tried Craigslist (met some real scary people) I've tried the online marketplace where I work but students at the University seems uninterested I've tried Pawn shops and they offer me $3 for the same watch I can get $20 on "the bay" if the person pays Where am I missing? I'm hoping this is just a funk or something. Here is the latest and most expensive example $70 auction won for a stainless Croton on their presidential band. It was a non-runner but after a strip/clean/oil it's running +/-3 a day. No payment or communication on his end for 5 days, I sent two reminders and finally opened a case against him (business day 5). Day 9, I left feedback "no- payment or communication 8 days after close". It was not more that 1 hour later- "Hey there you did not have to leave that kind of hateful feedback, I was going to pay for the item this Thursday. Can you please relist the item, I was waiting for my funds to clear from a case on paypal. I m so sorry I did not respond in a timely manner. Please message me back when you receive this message, thanks"
  13. Thanks guys- I think one of the greatest hurdles for me is where I work..... The University is in the top ten in the world- but that also means they like strange people. Like me- I'm the one that sees something broken and has to fix it e.g. microtomes, crytostats, microscopes, shakers, old fashion lab timers, etc) :D Thanks for the input, Dan B.
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