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Hello from a watchrepairtalk noob. I am in the process of having serviced a handful of vintage mechanical watches that I inherited from my father. See my post re: Longines mainspring on another forum. I am a mechanical engineer by profession, but the machines I work with are much larger (hydroelectric turbines). In any case, I am discovering perhaps like many of you that replacement parts for vintage watches can be difficult to locate, and that servicing older mechanical watches is not an inexpensive proposition. I'm attaching a photo of two of my watches. Looking forward to learning a lot here.



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Thanks for an informative introduction Atticus, that is always appreciated.

These are two lovely watches you have there and both deserve to be kept in good working order. As CB says there is a great depth of knowledge within the forum, and I'm sure you will get advice as and when required. I would hold back on servicing the Omega chronograph until you build up your skill level. If I were you, and given that the Omega is special on many accounts, I would pick up a similar type of chronograph movement and a book on chronograph repair from the likes of eBay, and practice on that first as there are a lot of things to take into consideration if it requires adjustment.

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Absolutely, I'll hold back working on any meaningful movement until you have practiced on non-important -- read common place, easy to replace if messed up -- watches! And welcome to the forum from me too, I hope you enjoy and find what you are looking for among us.





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Hi Finchy, welcome aboard!

I have this small but repetitive fault with my hydroelectric turbine so maybe you're the guy........


Your dad obviously had good taste in watches. Envious!  You're in the best place for any advice you may need to get your head around any aspect of watch repair, with a good selection of videos and picture walkthroughs.


Fill yer boots!


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