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Any particular reason why my photos disappeared from my post?

Or am I the only one that can't see them?



I've just had a look at your post from the dark side and the line of text for the photos is there. Below, and out with the text box there are no photo files where there should be. I suggest you try loading them again, and/or do as Stephan says and check out where they should be stored.

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I have been greatly enjoying this thread, and I would like to thank Stefan and everyone who cotributed by posting their projects and comments. On page seven of this thread Mark posted some photos of the inside of his microphone, and on that same page someone else posted a link to a piezo sensor similar to the one in Marks' microphone. I followed the link and ordered the sensor, installed it inside an old watch microphone I had and the results are better than I could have hoped.



22706961738_073e3bdb51_h.jpgIMG_0056 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr


23111405092_01c43a6dc7_h.jpgIMG_0046 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr



22706889327_3642fdadc2_h.jpgIMG_0058 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr



23136891601_9a1c7fe6d5_h.jpgIMG_0060 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr


23142800261_903409460a_h.jpgIMG_0050 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr


23125399855_b174140411_h.jpgIMG_0051 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr


22733236159_ce74910bf0_h.jpgIMG_0097 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr



23125514445_b1bb4e9fea_h.jpgIMG_0101 by Lavardo Forbes, on Flickr

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Seriously considering ditching my timegrapher, and making my own now, means I will be able to put to use an old windows mini laptop to use again after being retired when we got Apple products.  I can see me wanting to build a custom display mounting somewhere on my workbench next.


Thanks for this thread, and all the info within, great resource.

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Please respond quickly, I'm excited to see good results. I think the vibration sensor placed inside the microphone stand is much more sensitive than the origial microphone or a piezo electric disk. It also strikes me that can make comparisons with professional Wischi cronocomparador. I would like to have one but do not.


I would ask a favor. I made a post suggesting that could cablibrar the Watch-O-Scope through a sound file in wav format. I would like to check whether this is possible. since you have a pattern on which to make the measurement.


 The procedure is on page 11 of this same post. Also there is the audio file. By my calculations this file is a clock with zero in the rate. the difference to be executed on any computer precision error would be the sound card.


It is under the theme: "Calibrating Your Sound Card Clock

To use Watch-O-Scope software. "


If you have the kindness to do that test I would be very useful to know the results.


Thank you.





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Ok, when I get back to my computer I will try. My calibration was done using the method suggested in the Watch-O-Scope manual. First I measured the rate of an analog Quartz watch I had using a Witschi twin analyzer. Then, I placed the watch in my microphone and rand a 600 second test, with the beat rate set to 3600. Then the difference in the two reading were entered into the rate correction field of Watch-O-Scope. It turns out that the sound card in my old thinkpad laptop required a correction of -2.37 second.

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