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  1. Finished roughing out my All in one Timing machine. It works very well. Now I will do the paint and engrave the faceplates. Windows 10 micro pc, 10in touch screen, using microset, watch-o-scope, and e-timer software, has an oscilloscope and multimeter also that connect to the preamp out port and the USB. Has Removeable speaker for hearing tick sound (connects to preamp out port) Headphone jack Preamp out Temp sensor input Pickup (Mic) input USB port Very sensitive pickup on a multi-directional base that I made years ago. Can get a clean signal from even t
  2. Thank you, I did go through the whole 30 pages a few times, I saw a hand written drawing of your idea but couldn't read all the values. I may have missed another. I don't need to build it right away, I am using a modified board out of a microset for the time being and have other machines. I just wanted to make my own. I do have the watchoscope software and the e-timer software, my setup works well but is large. I look forward to seeing any info you share in the future. Thanks again.
  3. Can you share the schematic for the preamp with me or show me where to find it?
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