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  1. Wrong screw stuck

    Are you making sure to heat the dissolved Alum powder? Works best to keep it heated. Ideal mixture is 4 tablespoons to a cup of water.
  2. Rotating Bezel remover.

    I have one of these, and find its pretty useless for most watches.
  3. Howard Miller Triple Chime

    Thats a beautiful clock, I wish to invest in a nice mechanical clock, my first clock was a bit of a let down, but it was cheap, so no loss.
  4. From my experience with these STP movements, some ETA parts are compatible, but not all.
  5. New tool :-)

    Watch parts cleaning machine, looks in superb original condition too.
  6. Search for dial spacers, and movement rings, these should show up.

    Bargain JKA here..
  8. Seiko 5m62a kinetic not holding charge

    I found cousinsuk stock them but won't ship to Finland, so found one on eBay in the end. I noticed that this watch doesn't allow you to manually wind the movement too which is frustrating. 30235MZ by S STEEL, on Flickr
  9. Seiko 5m62a kinetic not holding charge

    I currently have a 5M42A with the same issue, and this video is a great help, just need to source a new capacitor now.
  10. Water testing watch dangers

    Spending more time carrying out a secondary test is no problem for me, I supply videos of the test too for some customers.
  11. Water testing watch dangers

    Once I know a case is waterproof, I then carry out a final test again, this time with the movement fitted.
  12. Water testing watch dangers

    Ive had a crystal and bezel pop off whilst depressurising, and for this very reason, I always remove the movement, and only test the mid-case of a watch.
  13. Unimat 3 Lathe

    Great purchase, I have the same lathe but with NO accessories. A bigger photo would help me cherry pick some bits and bobs for mine
  14. Watch Pressure Tester

    Bergeon 6767F is your friend. I always remove bracelets/straps before WR testing.
  15. Search on eBay, I've seen small batches of these from time to time.