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  1. You can adjust the amount of oil that is deposited from those auto oilers.
  2. Sounds to me that dried up oil where there shouldn't be oil in the first place causing your issue.
  3. I treated myself to an early Christmas present of a vintage Junghans stopwatch. Image 26-12-2017 at 9.08 by S STEEL, on Flickr Got it quite cheap due to a crack in the glass, so will be renewing that soon. Perfect working order, apart from the crack, it looks like new.
  4. I've not been around much on the forums of late, I'm just so busy these days its crazy, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, and wish you all the very best for 2018. Micky
  5. Which TimeGrapher?

    I echo whats been suggested, the 1000 is best for starting out.
  6. Problems with polishing a watch case

    Agree with Marc, I go from P220, then move onto the following in this sequence, P240, P380, P600, P800, P1000, then P1500, P2000, then P3000 with water.
  7. Problems with polishing a watch case

    Indeed, I simply prefer to get intimate with the work on any watch case, and not treat it like a piece of metal, in my experience, each and every watch has soul, and owners have a personal attachment to them, which deserves the personal touch. No complaints in the years I've been refinishing cases, and bracelets, yes, it takes longer than machine polish, but this to me is worth is, I'm not a machine, my customers are prepared to wait that extra time for the personal touch.
  8. Problems with polishing a watch case

    I personally prefer to have more control of refinishing a case by way of using glass paper by hand using a flat piece of wood, this way I can observe every aspect of the case in more detail, and have complete confined control of the refinishing process. The once I'm happy, then I move onto two stages of 5cm rotor wheels, and finally a light refinishing of polished areas with cape cod.
  9. Hello

    Welcome aboard
  10. Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the forums, greetings from Finland, Europe!
  11. 2836-2 Stem Release Button

    Always use a 1.20mm screwdriver for this task, this prevents the very issue you are experiencing now.
  12. 7CAE1615-DF00-49CD-B7F8-B75405400A15_MOV by S STEEL, on Flickr Double check this gear, the two jewels of this gear should be visible from the rear, if not, you may have this gear fitted the wrong way.
  13. Also make sure you are using the correct screws in the right places, a slightly long incorrect screw can cause these kind of issues.
  14. Have you changed the main spring barrel at all?
  15. Wrong screw stuck

    Just an heads up, if you struggle to find Alum, then you can also use Vinegar, Malt vinegar works, and you don't have to heat it either.