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  1. Good afternoon. I have a submariner v7 noob SA3135. The movement stops every 3 or 4hrs. I have this watch about 2.5 years. Can you please let me know if it worth repairing it and how much would it cost?

    Thank you

  2. I will be wearing the watch over the next few days, so will report my findings. I wear a Rolex Submariner as my daily watch, and it auto winds perfectly with my day to day activity working, and whatnot, so I will at least know if the issue is related to the owner not being active enough. I have come across a few customers who work at a desk, and they are not active enough to auto wind their watch movements. On more than one occasion, I have had to instruct the owner how to manually wind their watch movement, quite surprising, some customers were not even aware they could manually wind their watch.
  3. Checked everything, nothing amiss, only issues are when worn. Its a very strange issue for sure.
  4. Good point, but its not loose, so there's something I'm missing.
  5. I have one of those CB, Cyclotest. I also have the orange model which is a Final Test machine, and its rotations per hour are much lower than the green model.
  6. Yes CB, on the timegrapher, is all six positions, the movement is running and been regulated and is well within COSC, and its this which is confusing. I will wear the watch for a few days once I resize the bracelet. Its a head scratcher for sure.
  7. This is what I plan on doing, I need to add a link to the bracelet though as currently its too small for my wrist.
  8. Movement Serviced 2836-2 Runs perfect on Final Test Machine, but when my customer wears the watch, the accuracy starts to play up, anyone experience similar? Whats the cause? Heat?
  9. The top silver coloured part looks to be a collet for a lathe.
  10. As already said, incorrect oils, cheap oils will cause all kinds of problems for you.
  11. Welcome to the forums, seeing as both those models are vintage, you may well have some difficulty in sourcing pushers, so I would suggest you c heck out the likes of eBay, for a parts watch/es to salvage the pushers from.
  12. Thanks Luke, you know, I'm embarrassed to say, I completely forgot about Gleave & Co, shame on me. I will purchase from you shortly, I have just registered an account as I have usually dealt with you via email.
  13. I have, and whilst I did find a seller in Canada, I first refused too pay the extortion price they were charging, almost €30 euros, but in the end I had to bite the bullet, only to find they won't be able to get to me until mid-April, same as cousins, which no doubt is where this eBay money maker is making his money.
  14. Has anyone got a 2575 ETA 7753 date jumper spring spare? Everywhere I've searched are out of stock, and not available until mid April 7753 2575 Date Jumper Spring by S STEEL, on Flickr
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