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One more DIY Cleaning Machine for less than ~150 bucks

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Hi everyone!

Here you can find an idea on how to build your own cleaning machine for less than 150$ using some stuff from Aliexpress (or Amazon).

First - the video:

Second - the stuff (all the wire connections were made w/o soldering - only crimping terminals were used; also 3 additional holes were drilled):






Hope it will be helpfull to someone. 🙃

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11 minutes ago, Kalanag said:

Looks good!

What kind of rotating basket is this and how is it connected to the motor shaft?

Did you make sure that the center of the basket doesn‘t fall dry due to the centrifugal forces?


Hehe... rotating basket is a tea infuser 😀 and the intermediate plates are coffee screen pucks.

The motor shaft is 5mm in diameter, so the basket is connected there via ER11 collet chuck and long threaded rod with head which goes through basket cap enforced with a thick aluminium washer. 

Yep, when RPM is too high (above 1K) the center (or a bit above) could be dry. But that kind of rotation is too fast, so the lower the basket and the lower the speed - everything seems okayish.


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