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  1. Hmmm..answered some questions for me too. Cool stuff.
  2. I think you answered your own questions the best and are well on yer way. Thanks for your service from a fellow vet. It would have been better to know your background a bit. I'd have you in my shop. Got any questions, fire away. MM
  3. this is really interesting. does this stuff do the same as the tape that is sold for this purpose? i forget the name...
  4. uuhh boy....you got a few days just to discuss: lathe fundamentals of operating a lathe including safety nomenclature of a lathe what kind of lathe and their uses lathe tooling-for wood or metalwork lathe specialties-WATCHMAKING and watch repair; MINIATURE lathes why sticking a loupe in your eye socket is not a natural feeling why doing miniature lathe work while wearing an eye loupe just ain't any fun obsolete lathes and tooling related to watchmaking and repair USED lathes, tooling Chinesium (ha) machinery EBAY buying a lathe, tooling buying a miniature lathe, tooling.... Can engine or benchtop lathes and associated tooling be used for watchmaking, Repair? ("yes, but....") making your own tooling, gravers for watchmaking and repair types of steel to make watchmaking and repair lathe tooling bench grinders, sharpening and honing stones, cutting oils ANGLES and RELIEF grinding and polishing in relation to lathe tooling get my drift? some of those I kinda made up, but as a long time apprenticed, journeyman machinist, I kinda didn't.(did that make any sense?) just going thru my head I made up the titles but I think you get the idea. it's ALOT to try and cover here, and alot for you to think about. impossible? heck no. just a lot. maybe narrow down the questions you might have to start? hell I wouldn't even know where to begin! did i steer you away from wanting to do watch repair lathe work? hope not!
  5. Good to hear. Check the barrel lock end..is it a 'T' or slot etc etc. What I do if I get the wrong part is, I keep it. Build up my own inventory you never know if you might need it down the road. jrclocker is one of my go-to guys.
  6. Humor is a big part of it for me. Welcome and isn't cool make it run? Even if it's not all correct or whatever, it's a thrill. Congrats!
  7. Plus or minus a couple bucks, yes that's about the going price for white alloy replacements. Just like your staff, pinion and jewel issue, time to take out the old one, compare measurements to the referenced one including correct ends shapes, then compare those to the white alloy. Are you measuring using Dennison numbers or metric? I'd use metric. Can you say who the seller is? Because I have a couple reliable folks I get mine from.
  8. https://www.esslinger.com/genuine-seiko-replacement-watch-stems/#&gid=1&pid=image-4
  9. https://www.esslinger.com/genuine-seiko-replacement-watch-stems/#&gid=1&pid=image-1
  10. if I recall, many if not most of the SII quartz movements are tap 10.
  11. not sure on that one. a mistake by the supplier or possibly a typo ? look up tap 10 in their catalog to see if they were all the same? it was awhile ago and i'm fairly new at this also.
  12. btw-!!!check your stuff as soon as it arrives. keep your shipping box and packaging in case of a return is needed. I had a incorrect stem show up. it'll save you not much money but a little hassle if and when you do.
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