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  1. Hi WW I read somewhere that a needle nose pliers does the same. Is that true? Otherwise I have this on my radar
  2. Latest on the 1950 Kundo Hi everyone-I've wracked my brain and I need assistance. Pretty simple re-assembly you would think but sure enough, the gods of horology want to play games today so it's not cooperating, and after several attempts and looking all over, the center wheel and 3rd wheel seem to be binding up and the whole thing won't fall into place. What am I missing? The first series of pics shows the train and where the 3rd n 4th wheel are touching, locking up there. Next is the hour wheel, intermediate wheel, washers, lock washer, hand tension washer and hand lock pin, as they sa
  3. Yes also off topic it is as Graz said, a ripper. Curious, wonder how he matched old lume? Did he have old lume to apply or did he mix n match new stuff to look vintage? I myself have done a few lume jobs and although fun as a hobbyist, not so fun trying to mix n match. Vintage patina alludes me. Success has been less than stellar.
  4. Haven't you noticed? There's over 8,000 of us right here. Just ask us. We'll tell ya.
  5. I did a quick file check on my spares. Don't know about your stakes but mine are soft, so I'll be able to machine em in the lathe no problem.
  6. Welcome. Kinda sounds like my story too. Parts of it anyway.
  7. Were you able to turn them down in a lathe or grind them because of material hardness?
  8. Yes. 50 and 50B. But I'm finding out that there might be the possibility of 2 different tips to each tool. These are the stakes I was going to turn down.
  9. Nothing special-sometimes I just like the look of a well worn, almost satin-like finish of an old pocketwatch. Just a personal preference. The Hamilton was my grandfather's.
  10. Thanks very much that is a critical measurement and pics are bonus. Very important. Noted.
  11. Aaaand Poljot for the win! Thanks much buddy! You get extra points
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