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  1. Lol glad to be of help for a change! Yeah I love my desk that's for sure.
  2. HI Weasol I think, or thought I posted the link? Is it gone?
  3. No joke I'd put him to work right away lol
  4. Pt III of III nothing special. I probably missed a ton of info and description. All errors belong to me.
  5. Got it. It was hardly noticeable but will be checking with shimstock I have that goes thinner than paper. I noticed it has stopped again but I'm sure it's because of the timing. Getting there.
  6. Hi Graziano I seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with it I will as soon as I fix it.
  7. Greetings all I made a video of my little shop. Can I and how do I post it here? Thanks MM
  8. You poor blokes are in for the long haul of Mike trying to get this 400 day running! Ugh upon further inspection, the fork tines were definitely too tight around the anchor pin. It looks like they were bent on delivery. Just took a beater screwdriver and gave it a very slight tweak and presto- the escapement began to tic tock normally. I think that's where I was loosing everything. Right at the fork. Now, for the timing and regulation. Just by watching the pendulum swing it is out of beat and all but not terribly bad. I'm going to let it run awhile see where it lands. Oh and I also checked and
  9. Holee ...well I'm not too upset about it...yet. we'll see what I can find when I get back. And does the escapement move that sloooooow? Wow not even used to that!
  10. Well, I wound it up and let it run. Checked on it this morning, and it had stopped. Looking into it later today for what it could be.
  11. That's kind of what I thought lol. But yes, I have levels almost like that, ready. Starting tonight I'll be leveling the carav... er I mean clock and I'll keep you posted unless you guys are getting bored with this one. I feel with y'alls help I'm soooo close!
  12. Yep I definitely read that. I remember when this arrived and with what little I knew I thought the feet were missing, until I got the book and began learning. I was going to buy some only to find out these didn't have any. The weekend is almost here so I'll be getting after it after work. Sometimes, finding time is the problem.
  13. Hi Weasol- this one doesn't have, or didn't have any feet when I got it. Just the base, and then the two columns bolted to it. I'll post a pic when I get a chance tomorrow. Otherwise I'm going to level it and put power to ms and see if I can time and reg it.
  14. And a huge challenge to us noobs! I'm going to get this if it's the last thing I do lol!
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