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Hello from Singapore


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Hi All,

This is Marc from Singapore. I am a collector.Especially like neo vintage pieces from the 1990s or so.

I am a hobbyist at doing some case polishing and such. 

I have a cracked tube for a chronograph seconds hand. Have tried searching for the same type of hand but no luck so far on ebay etc. If anyone has good link for a website that sells watch hands, I'd be grateful.

The other option is to repair the cracked tube of the hand. I'll explore some of the other threads on how some other folks had done. I'm thinking laser welding is the only option. If anyone has done this before, I'd be keen to hear about any tricks or areas to be careful with.

Thanks for having me here.



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Hi Marc, I'm in Singapore too. Welcome to WRT.

What model and calibre watch is that? We like plenty of photos at WRT. It makes giving appropriate advice easier.

Laser welding would not work if the tube is made of brass. Anyway, fabricating a new seconds tube is not that difficult.

Start a new thread about the advice you seek. Members will be along to help you shortly.


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21 hours ago, RichardHarris123 said:

Hello and welcome from England. 

Plenty of sites selling hands but you need to know the relevant sizes.  Length and pipe size. 

Hello Richard,

Yes, I have the length and pipe size.

Could you share the links for some of the sites selling hands please?



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On 12/6/2023 at 8:35 PM, HectorLooi said:

I, too, order from Cousins. We only have one watch/clock material supplier in Singapore but their inventory is limited.

I see, cool. I will check out Cousins.

Would you have the name of the watch/clock material supplier in Singapore please? 

This is the picture of the central chronograph seconds hand:


The round counter weight is what is specifically I'm looking for to watch the original.

The movement is an ETA 2892-A

On 12/6/2023 at 5:23 AM, Nucejoe said:

Welcome to the WRT forum.

Thanks Joe. I'm thrilled to have found this group. 

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1 hour ago, oldhippy said:

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.

We all look forward to your contributions and continued involvement. 

You can count on it. I run a GP forum and I'm a bit of a GP neo-vintage nut.

I appreciate the importance on being involved and contributing back to the community.

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