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  1. Friction pinion all fixed up and reassembled. On further thinking, is this a design weakness? If the minute hand is fitted too tightly,the chance of the pinion separating from the wheel again is very high. Or is there a safer method of taking off the hands?
  2. The polishing machine you have is a dental laboratory/jeweller's micromotor. When I polish metal with a handpiece, I prefer to start with silicone wheels. Silicone wheels come in different diameters, shapes and grits. The coarse grits can remove deep scratches and can even round off edges if not used properly. They can give a nice brushed finish. Medium grits give a nice satin finish. For final polishing, I use a hard felt wheel with polishing compound. But mostly I prefer to switch to a bench polisher with a larger diameter felt wheel or muslin wheel.
  3. I have one of those too. I think it's for mounting polishing and grinding wheels.
  4. It was supposed to be a simple job. Just replace the battery... But then I noticed there was a speck of dust under the crystal... So I took out the movement to clean inside the crystal. Then I noticed the minute hand wasn't centred on the hour... So I removed the hands to realign them. Then the minute hand stops moving... I took off the dial and discovered that the cannon pinion popped off when I lifted off the hands. Now I will have to do a full disassembly to fix it. I have to stop being so OCD.
  5. From the photos, it looks like the position of the sliding pinion, yoke and setting lever are not sitting correctly. The sliding pinion should be a little further back and the yoke should be in the groove of the sliding pinion. There should be a pin on the underside of the setting lever which should be in the groove of the winding stem to prevent the stem from being pulled out.
  6. Hi, welcome to WRT from an almost retired dentist. Yes, our years of working with our hands has given us a boost in the hobby. But there are things in horology that can test the best of our skills. Good luck and enjoy your new hobby.
  7. Or you could say, "Look Dear! The prices of watches have really gone up since Covid. My watches are now worth a whole lot more now. What a clever boy I am. "
  8. Before you go out and buy a dental drill.... I tested the smallest drill I had, a children's handpiece. The angle is probably worse than using a long bit from the side of the opposite lug.
  9. Ask your friendly neighbourhood dentist for help.
  10. The clock has been running overnight. Thanks everyone. I now understand what OH means by soft modern brass. The brass of the bush is much harder than the brass of the plate. When I was reaming the hole, I could feel the broach biting into the brass, but with the bush, I had to use a little more force to cut into it. If I get bushing rods from Cousins, is the brass soft modern brass or hard vintage brass? I could hardly see the taper on the pre-manufactured bushes. What is the taper on a typical bush?
  11. A Chinese timegrapher is really affordable. If you were planning on only regulating this one watch in your lifetime, then getting a timegrapher is probably an expensive toy. But I saw that you have a whole box full of watches in your original introductory post, so you will be needing a timegrapher sooner or later. And as JohnR725 said, oils are expensive. Just getting a basic set of oils will cost more than the timegrapher. But a word of caution, if you have other Timexes in your box, the type with pin pivots and pin pallets, don't expect to see a nice single line trace on your ti
  12. When I reamed the hole for the bush with my five sided cutting broach, it raised a bur around the edges of the hole. Is that normal or is it because the broach is blunt or am I using too much force? My Seitz jewelling set also has D shaped broaches. Can they be used for bushing or is the taper angle wrong?
  13. The first clock that I serviced had lantern pinions. I learned how to repin a lantern pinion from watching YouTube. I drilled out the oil sinks this morning. I'll test the escape wheel on its own first before fitting the pallet fork and balance wheel when I get home from work.
  14. I reamed out both holes and tapped in the new bushes last night. Went quite well. Now I have to get a round bur and create the oil sinks.
  15. Ok. Don't judge me. I've been using a mixture of gear oil and Singer sewing machine oil on my lathe for the past 2 years. I clean it often and don't see abnormal wear.
  16. I think you would have to weigh the risks vs benefits involved. And I don't think much can be done about the bled out spots on the chapter ring even if you manage to get the glass off. I would just leave it alone.
  17. I posted about repairing the cracked mainspring barrels of tbis clock last year. The clock worked fine for a few months but it stopped completely a couple of weeks ago. There was totally no power transferred to the balance wheel. I removed the balance and found that the pallet fork would not unlock anymore. On examining the escapement, I found that the pivot holes of the escape wheel are worn. I haven't done any rebushing work before. I can't even tell if this hole is original or has been rebushed before. The hole on one of the plates is in a very narrow strip of brass. I'm wondering if i
  18. Nice movement. Looks Swiss. Do you know where the movement originates? It has a proper jewelled balance, not the usual Timex pin pivot. How about the escapement? Is a pin pallet?
  19. Masala chai originates from India. You can try getting it from South Asian grocers. You can sometimes get a ground spice blend which you can add to and Indian teas. Or if you are willing to experiment, it's usually a blend of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Sometimes ginger and black pepper corns are added too.
  20. This looks similar to ceramic instruments used in a dental laboratory. But it is for pre-fired ceramics. That means fine ceramic powder suspended in water, in a thick paste like consistency. It is used to apply, shape and sculpt the paste. Any chance that your father did any dial enameling work? Look for a glazing oven.
  21. I know you have made this comment many times before. But I find it really strange. With present day knowledge of metallurgy as compared to the 19th century, why is modern brass not as good as vintage brass? Could it be due to cost cutting measures of modern manufacturing or the ethics of the manufacturers today? It's like in dentistry. Some of our modern "improved" materials do not perform as well as our old stuff. It's like we took one step forward and two steps back. But being a man of science, I cannot accept that science has failed us.
  22. I believe your date advance wheel is upside down. That little finger on the wheel doesn't seem to be doing anything in this position. I could be wrong.
  23. Oh my goodness. Just thinking of the amount of kneeling and bending over makes my back hurt.
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