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New to the world of vintage Timex

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Hell all, my name is Michael and I am an amateur watch maker (new hobby that I just picked up at 58 years old). I have now repaired 3 vintage Timex watches but I have a lot more to learn and I hope to gain from this communities knowledge. 

I have recently repaired, and by repaired I mean, serviced the movement and cleaned the case and polished the crystal, a 1972 Marlin day / date. 

The watch runs beautifully but I am having one small issue that I cannot solve. If I take the movement out of the case I can wind the movement with ease but once I place the movement back into the case and secure the stem back into the movement the watch is quite difficult to wind, not impossible mind you but difficult. I have placed a small amount of watch grease at the base of the crown because I thought there might be some friction but it is still difficult to wind. The watch is a 1972 Marlin day / date with a 27 movement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When you have the movement in the case and insert the stem/crown do you notice if the stem is at an angle?  Is there a movement spacer ( white plastic insert )?   reason I ask is there are some Timex cases where the assembled movement ( dial and movement ) drop in from the front.  the front loader will not have the spacer.  But, if you install the works from the backside, the stem tube will not line up with the winding gear and the stem will be at an angle.

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