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Soviet addict

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I think the price of a normal service in the UK would be at least twice the cost of a Soviet watch. You might have to learn how to service them yourself.

Soviet watches are pretty tough but prone to rust. So make sure you screw down the crowns of your Amphibias and Komandirskies properly.

I have 5 Soviet watches so far. 2 Vostoks, 2 Poljots and 1 Sekonda. I'm looking for a Luch vintage quartz but their prices are crazy.

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Privyet! Tough time to be getting into the Ruskies... I gave eBay a troll the other day to see what 404s were floating in the muck, and the Russian contingent was pretty much entirely absent. May be different pickin's your side of the puddle, but I can't imagine the source is very giving lately.

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Thanks for the intro @Sovietaddict welcome to the WRT forum! I'm also relatively new and I'm in the middle of my first service of an Elgin Grade 313 movement which has been stalled for a while as I was waiting for oil and a mainspring winder. Well, my oil arrived and luckily I picked up an identical 2nd movement so as I disassemble that one it will help me remember how to re-assemble the first one! I've posted some shots of my watches here.

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