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Jacot tool and pivot file burnisher question


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Looking at the pic just send it back. I purchased a poising tool a couple of years back from fleebay and when it arrived there was distinct crack on one of its cheeks, it other word this tool was U/S.  To be fair to the seller I sent it back & received a full refund. If purchased from eBay there should be a returns policy on the sellers page.

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Not an issue, already have the refund funnily enough :) - turned out as well as the funds need to be diverted to fixing the headstock, once I get the lathe up and running I'll have a look at a jacot tool

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Thanks Clockboy, I have never used one but know the basics. Any of you more experienced guys fancy doing a vid on the set up etc? Be a good learning curve. Geo is sorting the bow do i need arrows?  :D

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Thanks Bob, its the second thing i have bought off this guy and the quality and feel is superb. This is a tool which will continue to be cared for and used and preserved for the future.

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Hello all, my name is Anthony. I have been collecting timepeices for the better part of 10 years now, and have been studying watchmaking for 3 years now. I have just been the lucky buyer of a Steiner Jacot tool with adjustabke height. I currently own a Steiner Jacot tool, but find I can not find any info on how to properly use this new one with adjustable height. I have been following Marks videos and find them great, Mark thanks for taking all the time to do this, and also all the others who help and contribute. I think this forum is great. Please if anyone has any info that would great. The first of many posts. I can not post pic, because I have not received the too yetl, can I post the website link here to the auction site I won it on?. Many thanks Anthony

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Welcome to the forum Tony. That's a nice looking tool that you have purchased, and what a good price. I too have a Jacot tool, but again it is not adjustable in height so would not wish to comment on setting it up correctly. Hopefully someone on the forum be able to help you.

I was wondering if it was designed to take a different head (To convert into a set of turns) and that is why there is an adjustment facility to ensure correct alignment. As a matter of interest, how much height adjustment does it have?

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Thanks for the info, and the welcoming, as soon as I receive the tool I will post more pictures, I currently have a regular Steiner jacot tool, but some lanterns where broken when I got it, this was better than buying new pieces for the one I already had. I just thought I would post this to get a head start on learning to use it. From what I have read and it maybe wrong, the attachment is called a"slidding puppet" , and it maybe used for a second pinion? 

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Hi all, purchased this off the bay, looked in reasonable condition (took a punt on it)


Assuming there are no chips in the holes, is there anything else i should be looking for or is missing?


Thanks in advance


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I recently grew tired of trying to use the old bow system of powering my Jacot lathe and decided to make my own fixture for powering the tool. I've seen many people do this before, so I thought I'd give it a try. Here's all that it took to complete.

Parts list:

  • Small wooden cutting board
  • Variable speed low RPM electric motor (39 rpm at 6 volts and increases at higher voltage setting)
  • Motor bracket
  • 4 - Rubber feet
  • 1/4" thick aluminum plate (sloted for adjustment to accomodate other tools)
  • 4 - 3/8" diameter bolts, nuts, and washers
  • 4 - 1/8" diameter bolts, nuts, and washers
  • 1" diameter plastic pulley (tension fit to motor shaft)
  • 2mm O-ring 
  • DC  power supply

Here's a video of the thing in use.









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