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  1. I used to use one of thesehttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fine-mesh-ultrasonic-stainless-steel-basket-5-x-4-repair-clean-jewellers-tools-/291240168881?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item43cf444db1 You can lay all the parts in and turn them over if desired, You can then lift it all out together and change the cleaning fluid for a rinse once done you can use a hair drier (carefully). Use demineralised water to avoid stains on the parts!
  2. I use 8200 in all barrels. Auto springs are meant to slip to protect the auto wind mechanism!
  3. I received the email earlier and give it my full support and will contribute accordingly as I'm sure most serious members will.
  4. I think that watches were supplied sterile so retailers could put the own name/logo on if required. some small retailers probably didn't want the additional cost so left them as was. I have a 7734 with the name Jean Decret on the dial but have been unable to find anything on the brand at all!
  5. I did say good morning to you in another thread Geo, The dawn chorus gets me up this time of year ! Who ever said the country side was peaceful obviously lived in a town. :) Yes I can see it would be difficult to organize but it could be done if enough people were keen!
  6. I'll second that, I think we should have a forum weekend Somewhere sometime ? Thoughts on that please !
  7. Is it possible that you have mixed a couple of screws up and you are fitting the rotor with one thats too long?
  8. Never seen one before. Its going to pee down all day tomorrow in Herts, have you got a daylight desk lamp or a UV lamp? would the toothbrush charger trick work on one of those it must have a coil...... not much help really am I? :D
  9. Looks great Geo. Glad it all came together. Just landed a job that should get us that drink together in a few weeks! Keep you posted. :woohoo-jumping-smiley-emoticon:
  10. Personally I think that's ingenious and par for the course when repairing old watches! If you can't find or make a new part adapting what you have is the next best thing. Be interesting to see how you achieve this.
  11. Geo should be listened to more than me. I just go for it regardless.
  12. Omegas are great to work on . If you have been comfortable with eta then it shouldn't be too challenging. Go for it if your upping your game!
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