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Hi, I'm after as much info about omega 1332 quartz movement as possible. Swatch couldn't find the fault, wanted to send it to omega, estimated cost £500-£600 so out of my league. Have purchased a nos circuit board, not arrived yet, but only one available, not the fault can sell it on again.

Everything moves smoothly when turning your hands.

Have had this watch from new, regularly serviced, then gave up the ghost.

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To get an answer to your question it always helps to post it in the correct location. This is the location where you're supposed to introduce yourself.

The reason you post in the proper category is some people typically only look at certain categories like watch repair usually for new messages they appear on the right-hand side somebody will see that and possibly find it interesting and go there. This is why a lot of watch repair questions are other questions go unanswered they're in the wrong section.

3 hours ago, Sandy said:

Swatch couldn't find the fault

Did you send it or take it to a authorized Swatch service center? The definition of they could not find a fault in other words it's running just fine and they're looking for imaginary problems and they couldn't find any? Or the watch is not running and they don't have a clue?

3 hours ago, Sandy said:

then gave up the ghost.

Giving up the ghost doesn't sound like a good term?

Maybe it would help to explain from the beginning? In other words why did you send it to Swatch what did they not do or do which I'm assuming is nothing. They giving up the ghost suggested finally died.


Omega_Omega 1332.pdf

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