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Hello, I have just got the Omega 660 Balance complete(660-1327).
It seemed to be new and sealed in pack, but I doubt if its balance staff is broken.

I am quite new to this hobby, and this was the first time to purchase the balance complete.
So I am 100% not sure  if it is broken or not. 
I thought It should be like the 2nd photo.
Does anyone know about this?

Thanks in advance.







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Hello and welcome to the forum.    I am afraid that balance is totaly u/s.  The staff has broken off where the roller sits.            Question        was it supplied in a sealed packet, was it an omega packet as to break the staff like that Its had takes a modicum of force.          life If purchased as new  return it to the seller for exchange or refund.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

Thank you for your reply.
I see, yes it was supplied in a sealed packet, should be the new one.
Also, thanks for the tech sheet.
I will request the seller to exchange or refund.

Thank you very much.


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If it was in a sealed factory pack, and it's not now, it would be a very kind seller to take it back. Add to that the fact that you weren't sure if half the staff was missing, as well as the roller jewel, from my view it's entirely possible the staff was "whole" before the pack was opened. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

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Thank you for your advice.
I noticed the roller jewel part was dropped in the bottom of the pack before I open it, from that perspective I guess the it was already broken when I opened it.
However I wasn't really sure what's going on, I opened the pack anyway.
I should have stopped opening it and should have taken the photo.

As you mentioned,  I think it would be a very kind seller too.
But I should give it a try anyway.
Again, thank you for your advice!



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Not totally worthless,  so if stuck with it, can be restaffed someday. 

Look at the bright side, who knows this may be a blessing in disguise, you might buy a staking set if it is just to restaff this one then go on to become a great horologist. 

Just trying to be cheerful. :geek:

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2 hours ago, Albat1192 said:

I should have stopped opening it and should have taken the photo.

Even though your package is opened I don't suppose you get a picture of the bits and pieces of the package for us?

Then a caution factory packages or basically the paper envelopes that typically watch parts come in except balance completes usually come in very special packages but any of the paper envelopes always require caution because it's standard operating practice for a lot watchmakers to put the old part back in the package.  Often times they didn't label that it's the used parts sometimes they do.

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