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  1. nickelsilver Thank you for your advice. I noticed the roller jewel part was dropped in the bottom of the pack before I open it, from that perspective I guess the it was already broken when I opened it. However I wasn't really sure what's going on, I opened the pack anyway. I should have stopped opening it and should have taken the photo. As you mentioned, I think it would be a very kind seller too. But I should give it a try anyway. Again, thank you for your advice!
  2. Nucejoe Thank you very much for your reply. Watchweasol Thank you for your reply. I see, yes it was supplied in a sealed packet, should be the new one. Also, thanks for the tech sheet. I will request the seller to exchange or refund. Thank you very much.
  3. Hello, I have just got the Omega 660 Balance complete(660-1327). It seemed to be new and sealed in pack, but I doubt if its balance staff is broken. I am quite new to this hobby, and this was the first time to purchase the balance complete. So I am 100% not sure if it is broken or not. I thought It should be like the 2nd photo. Does anyone know about this? Thanks in advance.
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