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Found 4 results

  1. All, I recently acquired a beautiful 1954 Omega with a near-mint 266 movement. I am thrilled with the condition of this watch. However, there is one fault that I'd like to take care of if I can. You can't tell in this picture, but one of the movement screws is broken with about half of the screw stuck in the base plate. Is there anything like an easy-out for watch-size screws? Or some other method for removing a broken screw? I don't want to risk damaging the plate as it is in otherwise near-perfect condition. And the broken movement screw still has enough threads to function. BUT - if there is a safe way to extract the broken part, I would like to do. I can post some pics of the screw and plate (if that would help), but I would have to post those later, as I don't have them with me. Many thanks, -Paul
  2. All, I recently acquired a beautiful 1954 Omega with a near-mint 266 movement. Which I have posted about in another question regarding broken screw extraction. You can't tell from this photo - but one of the movement case mounting screws is broken in half. I believe I should be able to extract the broken part of the screw - thanks to the help of members input on that other post. BUT - now my question is, where to find replacement screw(s) [specifically the case movement mounting screws]? My preference would be to find something that looks correct - but if that's not possible, then something that looks good and works. I didn't think it would be that difficult - but I haven't been able to find anything thus far. Any ideas or source would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, -Paul
  3. Most of my learning efforts are on old, vintage movements; some in great shape, some not so much. I often find a screw or two that are stuck tight. Not rusted, just "aged-in-place" I try typically to put a drop of 9010 on the back side of the screw hole and let them sit and soak. Sometimes this works well. I gently heat them by moving my work light close to the movement and allow them to cool which may help move lubricant into the threads. When this doesn't work, I'm stuck (no pun intended). Have you a method that also help loosen these old screws up? If so, please share it. Thanks, RMD
  4. Hi there watch repair experts and fans! My first time here so please be gentle with me It concerns the ladies watch you see in the pics and, in particular, its rather unusual metal bracelet strap. I want to make the strap a few links shorter. Normally with metal bracelets it is, of course, all about pushing out the pins, taking out the bits of the bracelet you don't need and then putting it all back together. But THIS one has a weird-looking two-section bracelet which, as far as I can see, is held together by very small screws (?) from each side and no pins involved. Obviously I am wondering what to do to get the pins/screws out. Another thing of course i that I will have to take one link from either side of the bracelet. Anyone seen a bracelet like this before. HOW to do this adjustment?? I hope you can see what you need to in these photos.
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