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  2. no problem; keep going, you are learning to hate that type of escapment. vin
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  4. Check out Cousins. Talk to them about getting the correct size for the screw. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for the reply. The pictures don’t do it justice, it’s quite shiny and appears very well made. There’s a serial number on the back, but I wouldn’t know the difference between a good movement and a cheap one if I’m honest, so I’ll assume it’s not genuine. It cost less than a tenner on eBay as nobody else bid on it. Once again, thanks for your help, I’ll check the link (no pun intended)
  6. A screw extractor may work (assuming it's a real screw) but is kind of pricey for an one-off job on a doubtful watch.. BTW Esslinger is an US seller.. I gather the OP is in the UK.
  7. By some screw extractors from Esslinger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. What makes one screw driver manufacturer better than another? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Nice. Also try it with a nice dark green alligator strap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Glad I could help a little bit and Yes it's is a ordinary right hand thread on them. It's quite common those are missing, as a fact I looked for one for a IWC 66 a while but ended up making one. If you look a the sqare stem you will find a small hole in it, it's where you put a thin pin in to lock the finger piece into place.
  11. Good job. That was smart using that compass(?) for a "special wrench". I can't remember what I used. It might have been a junky set of tweezers. I'll remember the compass-tool. Bob Tascione has a nice animation of the workings of the stopworks. In it, you should be able to see the shape of the part you need. It's on youtube. Search his name and you'll find it. Good luck.
  12. Hi All advise given is wise and should be noted, also consider lightening the inside of any desk/work place so as to give good reflection of light. My workbench is covered in white lino tile, a pale green as per the bergeon mats etc. as Marc says the roll top is probably the best option.
  13. Brilliant HSL nice of you to share the data Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the encouragement. I think it has to be a right-hand thread on the arbor, due to the direction the spring is acting. The mainspring did indeed have quite a bit of power left in it. There was a buzzing and a whirring for quite a while after I pulled out the balance, so it seems I have been very lucky indeed! I will check everything carefully again for damage. I have already found one cracked jewel.
  15. That is (almost) identical to the part I have. Could not have wished for better support, thank you! I do not have the two holes in the barrel arbour, so I can't use a compass or similar to unscrew it. I will try gripping the circumference with something. The action of the spring suggests it is a conventional right-hand thread, correct? Part of the stop-function (the disc with the finger on it) was missing when I opened the case, so it may well have been broken by another bodger who got there before me. I have the Maltese cross part. I may have a go at making a replacement if it's not too difficult. Would you have a picture of the part I need? How is it held in place?
  16. HSL- I am new to this and know the above will help me in the future. Thank you for sharing. I believe and apply pay-it-forward :ThumbsUp:
  17. No, I did not do good! I did very bad, but got away with it thankfully, as it's not my watch. Lesson learned. Look before you leap and all that. Thanks for the encouragement!
  18. Thanks. I bought the finest steel strings I could find, too large at 0.25MM. I need 0.15MM wire. RMD
  19. Thank you very much. This will come in very handy for members. I'm booking the links.
  20. High percentage of folks 90% or more suffer some sort of neck problem I can vouch for that. When I was in my 40's I was told by a doctor I had wear and tear of the neck of a person in their 70's all due to bad posture. I have spondylosis of the neck. I have to take daily medication to relieve the pain. I don't wish that on anyone. It ended my watch/clock making.
  21. *Panerai Haha noooooooo, most assuredly a Parniserai A beautifully built homage and I might have taken slight liberties making a portmanteau of the respective mfrs names.
  22. Great long term goal acheivement :Thumbsup: Just started myself and that would be a great goal for me as well. Thank you for sharing
  23. it doesn't seem to have quite the slick-and-shiny look that a genuine Rado would have ... but that could just be the rather grainy pictures! Also the crown looks too wide in relation to the case...! What's engraved on the caseback of the watch? And if you pop off the back what movement is inside? If there's nothing on the back or it's a super-cheapo movement inside then it's not genuine. If it isn't genuine the bracelet may still be built the same way Rado does it so if you're not seeing any obvious pins look and see if the advice here offers any way forward: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f222/rado-true-ceramic-ladies-removing-links-220841.html
  24. Just thought I should post some links here from ETA Costumer support. They are quite informative and gives you something to do on a rainy summer day. The first one is to their Dictionary, here you can find all their definitions and even how things works, like the escapement and so on. https://www.eta.ch/dictionary/dictionary.html The other ones are movement specific ETA 2892A2 https://www.eta.ch/swisslab/2892a2/2892a2.html ETA 7750 https://www.eta.ch/swisslab/7750/7750.html ETA 6497 https://www.eta.ch/swisslab/6497/6947.html ETA 251.471 https://www.eta.ch/swisslab/251471/251471.html When you go there the first time you probably need to get flash.. look up in the left corner. After loading it is just to start exploring the information.
  25. High percentage of folks 90% or more suffer some sort of neck problem. The least would be to raise the table high enough so you wont lean over the work piece, takes little of getting used to. Don,t send your eyes chasing the workpiece, bring the piece close to your eyes instead. Best position is sitting like when driving long distance, facing streight forward. Also making it to a glove box so to contain flying parts be real nice. Best wishes.
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