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  2. I presume you bought the watch brand new and dirty HS and such dosn,t apply. I suppose seiko made this to stay on wrist.
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  4. You may notice that the crown is also in a different position on mine then in the pic . Hamilton Electrics positioned the crown in various positions from 1 to 5 o'clock using the same 500 and 505 Electric movements .
  5. Vintage pre-quartz Hamilton Electric Taurus...505 Movement.....This one is a front loader . My dial is a little different then the one pictured in Rene Rondeau's book , "Hamilton Wristwatches , A Collectors Guide . Being a fan of Hamiltons , I have a few of the Electric models . I love the asymmetrical design of the watches of this period .
  6. Try giving it a wind of about 10 clicks or so after the watch settled down. I suspect the bridle might be binding on the barrel wall. If it's not that then it's lubrication. Seikos tend to be overoiled out of the box. Can't see any other reason it takes 15 minutes to stabilize.
  7. I like it,...What is the case dimension on that beauty...36mm ?
  8. sometimes I wear the other "X"
  9. I have search high and low I can not find anyone with spacer rings for 6497 ...39mm x 1mm x .04mm(thick) for use to install .04mm thick dial in a case designed for a ..08mm dial Does anyone have a source...maybe they are known by a different name? I get them with some of the cases I buy but can not find them individually
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  11. It looks like Timex were cheaper in 1972 than they were in 1955 If the Petite was $10.95 in 1955, that would be around $103.03 in today's money.
  12. I suspect if you showed it off to your new "Chick", she would run a mile, unless of course she was in to bizarre rotund cartoon characters with wings, painted on eye brows and what appears to be a cod piece with a large capital "H" on it. In which case, if she was, perhaps you might be the one who would be advised to run a mile.
  13. I wouldn't call it a "Chick Magnet"....But as I know so well , "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...
  14. I'm not sure.. does "cheap and bizarre" also count as irresistible? Today's WOT is a Q&Q with their plastic jeweled movement, which is bizarre enough in its own right, but coupled with this face... what can I say. In my defense at 0.99p, non running, spares or repair, they don't come much cheaper. A quick slungify and some light luber-mikay-shun and away it merrily ticks. I didn't go for the full tear down, partly because these Q&Q mechanicals are a little fragile, and partly because it didn't really warrant it.. well that, and the fact I was too lazy/busy to do so. Now if anybody can identify the slightly unsettling cartoon character on the dial I would be interested.
  15. I had a feeling it was probably a Woman's watch. It seemed too small for a "small mens". The strap in the catalog is pretty funky, and the price .. around the $50 mark at today's prices.
  16. The rope is correct, sorry I tried to edit the post and messed it up and lost the tread.
  17. Thanks. Yes. Im fairly confident its a .3. I spoke with a tech at cas ker and they have one on the way.... This time even though I have an active account with them and have purchased a ton of stuff I got the "are you a watchmaker" interrogation......the watch police must be on red alert. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  18. Thanks, Rogart. Yes, it's the type you described. The Besfit catalog, number 111A, Part 2, Page 720, describes the three-spoke types as being the hardest to identify. There are quite a few different types. I think you offered the toothpick suggestion before, but I forgot about it, as it's been a while. That would leave more room to get to the spoke with the other tool being used. I had been trying a whittled down piece of pegwood, but it seemed to be in the way. I'll try it out. So you don't really try to push the spring arms down? The spring just sits up too high on the cap jewel to allow the spokes to get in the slot. What are you thoughts on different jewel sizes for different shock setups? While a lot of the STD 96's used Incabloc, which would make getting a jewel easy, the Gruen uses this blasted Trishock type, which seems to take different jewels than the Inca. If I can't get those spokes in I'll just have to buy a parts movement for the lower hole-jewel. Oh well...that's modern watch work on vintage pieces. Thanks again. Cheers.
  19. Well then I did get two photos of the movement, I have not come across this style before, OH will know more about it I suspect. Things I see that are not right in my mind is that it has not been cleaned, therefore not re-bushed? The movement looks to be dated to the dial, however if you look at the calendar wheel pin it does not match the calendar ring, therefore it is a marriage between the dial and the movement. I also can't see how the movement is attached to the board, to me it is just sitting on it, there are two holes in the base plate with nothing in them, therefore the case probably did not start life with the movement. As I said before the rope is not set up correctly and the clock should also be listed as not working. Here are the photos
  20. Is it the shock spring with a hole in the middle and three arms. Much like a Vostok spring. I use a small toothpick in the middle so it doesn't fly away. I think you can use the Kif spring tool .
  21. The alloy I'm dealing with is in fact anachron (top grade 7750) so no issues there. I don't know if the error is mainly hairspring, which is why I ask if my hypothesis is a viable way of determining whether or not most of the fault lies with the balance or hairspring. When I remove the upper pivot cap and hole jewels, I observe that the pivot has a noticeable tendency to spring to one side of the setting, towards 6 o clock direction specifically. Incidentally the fastest position is crown right. Might be a relationship there. I know the hairspring is inducing some degree of error, but not sure exactly how much and just want to find ways to get a clearer picture. I want to make sure I got everything sorted out with the hairspring the best I could before I go and attack the balance.
  22. kfetz


    I Have a beautiful watch that I purchased thru Tanga. It is a gold and black analog watch .. The watch band is tight .. I was wondering if you could send me two links with the pins so that I can make it looser. It keeps popping when I wear as it is tight on the wrist. Thank You .. I have had 4 of these watches .. the plastic bands break making them unusable .. but this seemed made better but it is tight. Thank You .. I love the watch ..
  23. Thanks just found the cousins tubes so will try and work out the size.
  24. Greetings all. I've got a ST 96 movement, aka Gruen 505-6, that I lost the lower balance hole-jewel on. The replacement jewel I bought was for an Incabloc setup and it seems to be of a different size, as the spring is exceedingly difficult to set in place. It also may be that the Trishock type spring is just extra difficult to deal with. Regardless, it would be nice to have the proper tool for setting that spring. Appearance-wise, the Junghans 3-arm springs look very similar, and I may be able to get that tool. Does anyone know if it should work on the Trishock in that Standard 96 movement? Many thanks in advance. Cheers.
  25. I have replaced a pendant tube on a Citizen watch. The old tube just twisted out using a tap. There are tube removing tools available. Replacing I found also simple as it was just friction fitted just a touch of thread locker just to make sure. If you go the Cousins they sell the tubes and tools.
  26. Hi, This is a 1973 Timex Petite Calendar. Sprites are a bit bigger. This is generallly a ladies watch, which might explain its small size. I've attached the page of the 1973 catalog. Mike
  27. How do you know that what appears to be a poise error is from the hairspring? High grade watches used to have poised hairspring collets, and generally overcoil hairsprings. Modern watches almost universally have even better collets, with attachment of the spring inducing no stress at either collet or stud, and often some supplemental heat treatment of the terminal curve, which altogether gives performance like an old overcoiled piece. The hairspring alloy makes a difference (big) in performance as well, a Nivarox 3 will never perform like a 1, and even the 1 grade has better and worse springs. But a clear poise error is a clear poise error. Often I've spent time on the poising tool to just undo half of it on dynamic. Smaller calibers are always worse than larger, a LeCoultre 101 can be a real bear (factors of scale, hairspring collet is always proportionally bigger on smaller pieces). But all experience and such goes out the window sometimes; had a 104 (about 1mm bigger than 101) that had a vertical delta of 80+ seconds, an hour of nerve crushing work on the poising tool and it was under 30- which is almost unheard of on these. I only believe it because I saw it.
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