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Just bought my first staking set! It is a k and d one, I got it for $160 with all the tools. My question is what tools are in the set that I got, and what are some of their uses? The reason I bought it was to learn some new techniques and to reposition the fourth wheel recorder on an old chronograph.

thanks for the help,

luca M 


Here are the photos,



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    • By Swees
      Hi there!
      I’m new here, and I’m introducing to you. I’m 20 and I want to be a watchmaker/repair. I’m a beginner, I’m watching some videos (a lot after all) and I want to learn. But the problem is: I live in France and in my region, I can’t find people who’s accepting me to learn the job with them, even for a week. Only few professionals answer me and told me to introduce my self to repair. But I’m lost. I don’t know what to buy or even what to do by myself to get introduce to watches. During my researches I find this website, and I find an opportunity to move forward with my project.
      So I’m asking, can you make me a simple tutorial to introduce me to your world. I’ve experience with computers and small repair tools.
      Sorry for my English, I’m trying my best.
      Best Regards,
    • By Amateurwatchbreaker
      I have a watch that I am fixing up for myself. After lots of research l, I concluded my watch is a 1960s Hamilton Stormking VII. As my watch needs a new crystal I ordered one from ebay that is for a Hamilton stormking VII. When I got it in I immediately realized that it doesn't fit. The replacement seems to me about 1mm larger than the original. (I dont have a caliper). Is this even a Hamilton Stormking VII? Or did I get the right crystal but I have to modify it before it fits?

    • By JayK
      Hello Everyone,
      I recently bought myself a cheap repair kit and I successfully changed the battery on this watch that was dormant in a drawer for about 4 years!
      However, the problem is I haven't done something right as the day sub dial is ticking away same as the second hand sub dial!, I'm sure it isn't meant to do that.
      I'm obviously putting it back together incorrectly and also the two little white plastic cogs you can see in the pics, I can't remember where they go?! If someone please can talk me through the process it would be massively appreciated or any pointers, advice would be great. Thank you

    • By Amateurwatchbreaker
      I took my bezel off of my seiko 7548-700f to clean under it and poof! The click ball shot across the room. I am going to get a new spring/ball, but what is the best way to replace the ball? Should I just push it in with a screwdriver or what?
    • By Shane
      Hello everyone,
      I would like to thank AndyHull, as well as, another member (at this moment I can't remember who it was) for graciously allowing others to rummage in what appears to be their own PDF libraries for the benefit of all and would encourage others to do the same.  If there aren't any issues in developing a communal library/depository, I would also like to encourage this as well.  If one does exist please direct us all to it.
      I have recently found a great program for managing PDFs, https://calibre-ebook.com, give it a try.
      Thanks for all the great information I've gleaned from here/you so far.
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    • Hopefully a decade of experience after graduation from Mark Lovicks courses, you will have acquired enough skills to attempt servicing the Wittnauer complications. Let us enjoy watching its picture please. Meanwhile we can have fun playing baseball or with the seiko.  Just a thought. Regards.
    • You know, I wonder if I could adapt a micro-mesh single-serving reusable coffee filter to the same purpose. I keep ending up working on large (50 & + mm.) Swiss pocket watch movements that would not fit into smaller cleaning holders. But they might fit in a coffee filter. You gave me an idea, sir! Thank you.
    • Karl here. I would love to see pics if you can post them. I know very little about Seiko. But Wittnauer I've seen off and on. I know some repair technicians can charge a pretty penny, but did the estimate they gave you go into detail on what the needed repairs were. That figure does sound pretty steep. Was it dropped from a B52? (Which could actually cause a costly batch of repairs I imagine.) Either way, it would be a great thing to get it running.  I wish you luck with them both.
    • Welcome to the forum.
    • Just sidetracking a little. Here is a cleaning basket which I made from a tea strainer. I fix it to my drill press and spin it in a jar of cleaning fluid. Works pretty well.
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