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  1. Looking for a balance staff for my Waltham, I thing it is an 0s? The serial number online indicates that it is a no.161. I am looking for that staff, but if anyone hasn’t the entire balance assembly from this watch, that would be fantastic. I included a picture of the sizing, and one of the actual staff. http://imgur.com/f7aO7Ul http://imgur.com/Z1OesS1 Thanks, Luca M
  2. Looking for a crystal for this, I believe 16s Waltham. Not too familiar with crystals, but I included a picture of the diameter of the space for it to go. If you needn’t anymore pictures for reference, give me a heads up. http://imgur.com/tPmpPw5 thanks, Luca M
  3. Sound great, I tried to PM you, but it says you can’t revive messages.
  4. http://imgur.com/gmwuFLS http://imgur.com/oSIQXJs http://imgur.com/upbDLVT http://imgur.com/NmVCtg5 http://imgur.com/FJoWoKa http://imgur.com/VWed76V http://imgur.com/xu233Xl http://imgur.com/CFskUn9
  5. My bad, http://imgur.com/gmwuFLS http://imgur.com/oSIQXJs http://imgur.com/upbDLVT http://imgur.com/NmVCtg5 http://imgur.com/FJoWoKa http://imgur.com/VWed76V http://imgur.com/xu233Xl http://imgur.com/CFskUn9 here you go
  6. Here are the pictures. Sorry for the wait. Some of the measurements may be off muni a few hundredths, but it is really close. Also, I included the size of the rod used to attach to pusher to the case, just to give you a threading idea. There is also a spring missing, if out have one around that size. thanks so much for the help, luca
  7. Just bought my first staking set! It is a k and d one, I got it for $160 with all the tools. My question is what tools are in the set that I got, and what are some of their uses? The reason I bought it was to learn some new techniques and to reposition the fourth wheel recorder on an old chronograph. thanks for the help, luca M Here are the photos, http://imgur.com/QeQy43l http://imgur.com/KR4noL4
  8. Great! I will get my battery in as fast admin possible and give you a headset up with the sizes. Are those pictures adequate? Or would you like other. Thanks, Luca M
  9. Here are some pictures. I can get better measurements when I get a new battery for my caliper. It was not letting me upload pictures, I just used imgur. http://imgur.com/0EfpNRF http://imgur.com/uUyScup http://imgur.com/z319FlM http://imgur.com/Ux7TOn3 http://imgur.com/Dnt5hDR http://imgur.com/UD6PCE7
  10. Hello, I have been in the process of repairing a Gallet Flight Officer from 1941. The watch is in stupendous quality and condition, it was never serviced and barely used. There is one part missing, however, the reset pusher, it is the bottom pusher under the crown. I am stuck trying to figure out how to get hold of one. I have not tried much, but it would be of great appreciation to help find some options on how to get either a new one, or to even have it fabricated. Thanks, luca M
  11. hir3na5hra That solution looks great! How would I go about using it? So like just running the parts in that, or doing something else then that? Thanks for the help
  12. Hello, I am posting because I have recently purchased an ultrasonic cleaning machine as an alternative to cleaning by hand. I am a little bit confused, however, about the liquids and what solutions, or how I should go about using the machine to its potential. I am new to the ultrasonic scene, so I am not aware of common practices or were to buy specific resources that are recommended. If you can, please leave some links to help guide me, I am looking for the sites to purchase them from, and information on how to complete the process correctly. Thanks, Luca
  13. Hello all! I am just discovering this website and forum after about a year of watching the watch repair channel. //Information about myself -I have been working on watches for 2 1/2 years -I have worked on vintage watch brands and newer watches such as (Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, Timex, Seiko, Bulova, Movado, Atlantic, Rolex, Omega, and Brighton) -I love all things watches, Horology, and its study. -I admire past watchmakers and want to pursue a carrier in the watch repair, or Horology field. -I am signed up for an intro to Horology from awc
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