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  1. Hello all! I am just discovering this website and forum after about a year of watching the watch repair channel. //Information about myself -I have been working on watches for 2 1/2 years -I have worked on vintage watch brands and newer watches such as (Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, Timex, Seiko, Bulova, Movado, Atlantic, Rolex, Omega, and Brighton) -I love all things watches, Horology, and its study. -I admire past watchmakers and want to pursue a carrier in the watch repair, or Horology field. -I am signed up for an intro to Horology from awci to help pursue (Hopefully) a central 21 certification in the later future, [I am not sure how old I need to be]. -I live in Nj, USA \ I love watches, so much that I can not express it. Altho, I find solitude meeting others with similar interests, I am blindsided by the extremely limited amount of people my age that also enjoy them. That is why I seek help here, help with expressing my love, and with finding other people to bond with. I am not sure what people my age are working on or are accustom to that are also interested in the same repair, another reason for my questions. I am assuming that most of the people in this forum are very experienced, far more than me. This, hopefully, can help me learn more from more experienced members. My main question is, where do I go next? I have worked on every watch I can get my hand on and have done tough repairs to some older watches (rusted ratchets, smashed crowns, and replacements of balance assembly parts, etc..) but, I do not have any other goals or any idea what else to do. I am not sure if I can take classes or if there are courses I can take to help me learn at my age. [I am in school and do not have time for massive programs in other countries or states]. =After hearing this, please help me figure out a direction for my education and career, and possibly some other members that I can talk with and have fun discussing my passion.= Thank you for hearing me out, and for welcoming me into the community, Luca Morelli.