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Hello from Miami, Fl. My name is Robert and I've been a "watchmaker hobbyist" (if this is possible) for sometime now. I'm currently following 2 instruction classes about watch repair on line. One offered by the TimeZone School (Otto Frei et al) and another about the Seiko 7s26 by an Australian watchmaker (the link escapes me at this time).


I'm working on ETA/Unitas 6498, ETA 2801-2 and Seiko 7s26, all obtained from ebay....not in great shape but I've managed to make them work again, especially the seikos. I've covered so far all the disassembly, cleaning and assembly (along with some troubleshooting, demagnetizing, etc) of all these movements but I've disassembled them one more time in order to cover the oiling part (now that I understand each one and seen them working). Eventually they will be incorporated to some cases and hopefully allow my kids to make good their promise that even though they use their cells, they will wear a watch made by their daddy!


I understand I might be a "classmate" of some members here. In any case, hello to everyone I hope to be of some help or be helped in turn as the opportunity presents itself.





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Welcome to the forum Robert, this is a friendly place with a lot of very knowledgable people from all over the world. That was a great introduction, I like your idea of putting together watches for your kids to wear.

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Welcome Robert from the USA,  sounds like you are already getting to grips with the black art of watch repairing,  it's a fascinating hobby and will keep you interested for years.  There are all skill levels on the forum and someone should be able to answer any questions you might have.

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Thank you Geo, WillFly and autowind for your warm welcome. It is a good feeling to share with you guys about our -- to quote autowind -- fascinating hobby. I couldn't have put it in better words.



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By the way, in the forum instructions it says there is a way to post pictures but it doesn't show any in my text editor (no attachment button). How do I change that?

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When you do a post or a reply, there's a grey button next to the black "Post" button which says "More Reply Options". Click on that to select the "Add Files" button - then select the pic(s) you want to add. When they've uploaded, click the "Add To Post" (or some such) to get them shown as a line in your post...

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    • I agree.  My grandpa wore this watch 24/7 no matter what.  You can see in the first pic the hands have pitting and staining.  The original dial, pic below, in addition to having the posts broken off, had serious staining and signs of moisture.  The watch was serviced in 2017 by a local jewelry shop (I think they broke the dial and second wheel stem) and was running with great accuracy (-2 seconds per day).  I am trying to avoid the $400 dollar service fee again and started working on it and then continued to get deeper the more comfortable I got.  Besides the fact that it's broken right now, it was running very well despite the appearance of the movement.
    • The movement is extremely dirty which is unusual for a Rolex. This  movement has been out of its case for a service or it has been worn in a very dirty environment and either the case is not sealed or the crown seals are perished. My advise to to have it serviced by an experienced watchmaker.
    • Yes, all wheels turn when I try to wind the watch and all wheels turn when in hack to change the time.  I thought the same thing, that I had a broken main spring, so I did remove the barrel, opened it and the spring is attached to the arbor.  To check if the spring was broken somewhere, I closed it back up and installed the screw that holds the clutch wheel to the barrel and used a screw driver to wind the spring in my hand.  It would wind and then it would unwind as expected (I've never done it before so have nothing to compare to but seemed ok) So it sounds like pallet fork should be my focus.  Can you provide guidance on where it is located (date wheel side or main spring side).  I will watch Mark's videos that he has for working on the 3135 movement and how to access it but knowing where to look will help identify if I should watch video 1, 2 or 3.  Also, what would you expect to be the main failure mode of the pallet fork; broken or dislodged? (What should I be looking for when I access it?)
    • I am reading your comment "When i try to wind it, the clutch wheel on the main spring barrel turns but so does the main spring barrel which doesn’t allow the spring to wind." Do all other wheels turn? If so - pallet fork is your main suspect. If they do not, hen tale of the mainspring, remove the lid and check if mainspring is hooked to the arbour.
    • Hi this watch is Rolex gm master11 A good clone needs a tweak thanks
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