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     Hi. My name is Tony. I'm from New Jersey, in the United States. I have a modest entry level collection of quartz and mechanical watches.

     I enjoy repairing electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment. I want to learn how to maintain and repair a wide variety of watches.

     I'm looking forward to learning about watch repair and making Friends in this forum.

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    • By DPugh
      Hi everyone my name is David and I got into watch collecting 2 years ago when I bought my first watch a movado museum classic with the 11 diamonds on the dial. It's still the nicest watch that I own but I'd like to get into watchmaking and restoring them for myself. I recently bought this Rytime watch that I believe has wither an 1187 or 1194 movement that's nonworking at the moment to be my first watch to restore. I'm wanting to strip the old chrome plating off and replate the brass case in 14k gold and replace the old worn out metal band with a nice black leather strap. I was told that this watch was made in the 40s but I can't find any data to back up this claim from what information I have gathered online the Rytime brand was made and sold by a jeweler based in New York but again I have no way to back up this claim. Any information about it would be amazing!

    • By kma2018
      I'm happy to finally start posting on this terrific watch repair community forum. I've been a member for almost a year, but have been mostly searching the forum for asked and answered questions that might help me with my novice watch repair techniques. I'm a vintage watch enthusiast with a special love of Timex watches from the 1950s  through the 1970s. I developed an interest in watches about 4 years ago when I rediscovered two mechanical watches (a vintage Longines and a Seiko 5) that my father had left in a desk drawer years ago before he passed. Amazingly, both ran in spite of never having been serviced! I was hooked and began my own mechanical watch journey. I'm looking forward to learning more from this wonderful community.
    • By jameswarner1011
      Hello I am amature watch tinkerer. I am from the DC area. I joined to be able learn more about the watches the movements inside. I am sorry this is a short introduction. 
    • By alanbid
      New to this, but have always enjoyed watches, but now getting more involved with easy repairs..
      Thanks for having me,
    • By Snow
      Hello everyone. I am just a guy that don't know anything about watch repair yet, but i am pondering if i should get started anyway. Either way, nice to meet you folks. 
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    • Thanks @watchweasol - I love reading material ! Pics to follow ... 
    • Well done, came out the other end a beauty. 
    • Hi, Just wanted to show a before and after of a recent project.   I completed Mark’s online courses a few months ago and have done a few small projects.  Mainly servicing and repair of movements.   I am an Omega collector and wanted to acquire the Seamaster Racing 1974 due to the Cal. 564 movement. I bought this on eBay for $500 and yes it was as rough as it looks.  Rust, corrosion and badly maintained movement.   I managed to find a NOS replacement crystal and bezel.   I serviced and repaired the movement back to Chronometer specs. Unfortunately,  I can not take credit for the dial as I sent it to Bill & Sons.  But I will take credit for saving £200 off the bill by getting the Cliche for the outer race track on the dial done myself. I never liked the leather strap or the original one from Omega.  Wanted a modern version of a beads of rise look but polished to match the watch.  Also wanted a fully mulled double clasp.    there are the final results today after assembly.        
    • Haven't you noticed? There's over 8,000 of us right here. Just ask us. We'll tell ya. 😉
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