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  1. ZestyWatchGirl, WatchWeasol, Davey57 Thank-you all for you responses. ZWGirl, Yes, the current cell isn't sufficiently holding charge. Have tried charging in bright light for many many times, but not specifically as you describe. I know I have to replace with a 'like' cell, but currently I can't read the type number until I remove the casing. (but appreciate your warning) Also appreciate that I mustn't touch the coil. WatchWeasol, Do I need to remove the stem? Thanks yes, will replace the cell with like. Thanks for all the pdf's - haven't studied them yet, Thanks for looking Davey57 Thanks again all for your input and help, Alan
  2. Hi Davey, Thanks for the input. The bit that covers the battery doesn't appear to be springy. The 'clips' at 2, 4,8 &10 I think are just some sort of positioning - but, yes, the smaller 'lugs/clips' are part of the plate, and do also seem to clip the whole mechanism together. I did try a little to prise things apart after removing the screw near the coil, but nothing budged... I am not sure about 'approaching this from the front' wouldn't that mean removing the stem and removing the movement? I am now a little concerned to go any further..probably beyond my capability..... I was hoping there may be someone out there who has actually successfully completed this task... Thanks again for your very valued input. Alan
  3. Hello, My wife has a Ladies 8512-h16455 eco-drive dive watch and I need to replace the 'battery'. Having removed the back - it is not apparent how to remove the battery, as it is held in by a large metal clip which covers the whole outer edge of the watch mechanism. On the right hand side there is engraved the word 'push' but it isn't apparent where to push. The large clip looks to be held by a screw and there are 4 clips holding it down around the edge. (I tried removing the screw near the coil, but the bracket will not move) I have seen information on the men's equivalent watch and it is very straightforward without the bracket. Thanks in advance for any help or experience with this, Thanks, Alan
  4. Hi, New to this, but have always enjoyed watches, but now getting more involved with easy repairs.. Thanks for having me, Alan
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