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  1. I brought the seiko SKX009 15 years ago . I loved this watch....... But......! Last year the watch stop working . I sent it to Seiko service center . it came back with few issues . No more water proof, and the watch was stopping if not use for 3 or 4 hours. The color of the aluminium bezel was completely gone. Because I love this watch I decided to give it a 2nd life, but a better life. I order a ceramic bezel (blue and Red), a dome sapphire glass and I decided to look for a better movement. I found the NH36A ( had a good review) and decided to replace the existing 50% workin
  2. Thanks for your reply. I think i am probably sell it as it is. ( it is not part of my favorit watch as the movement is electronic) I don't think it is worth it to do all the effort to get it back to the new condition. Do you know any web site beside e-bay for selling watches? Thanks again. regards. J-C
  3. I leave in a warm country and I do no wear leather Vostok is a more sporty watch and NATO or stainless steel are probably the best . NATO also offers many colors and relatively cheap.
  4. I have a Lip Nautic ski electronic new ( ) The watch does not work . I believe the movement need to be replace. There is also an issue with the dial. the color is peeling. Is it worth to repair? Or shall I try to sell it for parts ( the glass and frame are like new. also the bracelet is original) Thanks for your advice. Have a great day
  5. Hi, I am trying t upgrade my SKX009 with a sapphire double dome. I brought a Crystal time 37 BAR. I do have a press. I did remove the original glass without difficulty. BUT! I am trying to insert the new crystal sapphire in place but it seems that it doesn't get in straight. I did put the chapter in the right place and the o'ing back in place before positioning the new crystal. I am afraid to push to hard to get it in place . Do you have any advice. many thanks in advance. J-C
  6. any recommendation for watch oil and where to buy. Thanks.
  7. I have an SKX 009 that I really like. I would like to upgrade it and replace the movement 7S26 by a better one. I beleive I have the option to use NH35 from Seiko. Do you have any suggestion ? can I replace by an ETA movement? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone, I am french, 64 years old , retired and leave in Indonesia . I always had a passion for watches and start collecting them 40 years ago. I must say that After a very active life I am getting bored and decided to spend time with my passion. I am sure I will be communicating with many of you in a near futur. Good day to all of you. J-C
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