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Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (UK TV)

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Don't know if anyone was watching this on TV this evening. Antiques expert Natasha and chef Aldo Zilli were two of the guests, and visited Jill windmill on Clayton Down in East Sussex. They were very pleased when, in spite of there being little wind, the sails started to turn...

... that's because Muggins here was pushing the sails round (out of camera) with a 20-foot pole!

Four hours of filming for about 5 minutes of screened footage...

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I can see the headlines " T.V reality show faked scenes ". Thats the magic of television. I've been watching Hi de hi on BBC two recently it always makes me laugh its the height of the summer season yet all the outdoor scene show tree's with no leaves on them, it must have been freezing for all the extras filming scenes round the pool with shorts and shirt on in winter :D

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I remember Jamie Olivers Xmas special a couple of years ago.... although the production team had sprayed fake snow all over the place, you could still see the trees in full leaf in the distance.

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