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  1. Let us known if it is a Elliott double face , I think there is a good chance it could be, http://www.antiqueclockprice.com/elliott-double-sided-fusee-post-office-clock.html
  2. The one in this listing could be a good buy if its a double face Elliott fusee or it could be a slave clock. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JOB-LOT-VINTAGE-MIXED-CLOCK-FOR-REPAIR-OR-SPARE/114283423614?hash=item1a9bd2a77e:g:eV0AAOSwyCFe-wmA
  3. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the sticker has it been serviced by Vacheron ? these film stickers are placed on watches by the service centers of many watch manufactures to protect refinished cases on its journey back to the customer, there was a vogue especially in the 1970's for sparkle dials I had a Omega seamaster with just such a finish to the dial. The main question is why do people who want to sell expensive watches take such crap pictures
  4. Someone has paid £131.00 for this piece of junk.
  5. Use leather to protect the arbour when using pliers, seeing its brass you could have also gently heated it the expansion would have been enough to make it very easy to remove.
  6. Then you received what you paid for a non French Chinese carriage clock.
  7. It may function perfectly well for many years, in much the same way as a fake Rolex may function perfectly well for many years, but if you have bought one or been sold one as genuine then a deception has taken place a fake or homage that is sold as such is just that and costs much less than the real thing. Anyone who is paying antique French carriage clock money for a modern Chinese one is being deceived and anyone who is passing off such a clock as the real article is committing a fraud. The Chinese are churning out these things by the thousand, fine but lets never forget that they are a £50.00 product at best and if they didn't sell they would not make them but never can they be considered as good as a genuine article.
  8. £895.00 that's why the trade in them thrives, pay £50,00 to £100.00 at auction pass it off as a genuine article and be £700,00 better off big mark ups are just too tempting to pass up by some dealers, but if they where ever taken to court is it worth the loss of reputation.
  9. True some company's sell watches and some sell an image.
  10. Sounds like his missus thinks its a bigger piece of junk than he does, will be interesting to see what this fetches, I think some fool will pay over a £100.00 for it.
  11. I work in the chemical industry the effect of the corona virus lockdown is just starting to bite, for instance the company I work for provides crop protection products, there has been a 30 percent drop in demand for barley crops, with bars and restaruants closed beer production has been hammered farmers are not going to produce anywhere near their usual yield and if they do will be stuck with it, there are other sectors of the market suffering too, the car industry has already started closing plants and restructuring, we have 4 million workers in the U.K furloughed and not actively working with the government covering 80% of cost of their wages the piper needs paying eventually and many of these workers are non essential otherwise they would have still been working there is no guarantee they will have jobs to go back to after all this is over, the U.K high street is on its arse before all this started I cant see it recovering to its previous fragile state after this, no matter how you look at this world recession is on the way.
  12. I'd wait my feeling is we have a recession looming that will be of a nature no one living today will have witnessed before, Swiss watches have been way over priced for a least a decade, if the recession comes people will be ditching them for cash and the non essential luxury goods market will suffer luxury watches will not be anyone's priority soon.
  13. Hi again,

    Just wondered what the verdict might be on this one? I have an earlier purchase which seems identical - bought here in Vienna.


    Fine Miniature Antique French Brass Carriage Clock c.1900 (1 of 4)
    Fine Miniature Antique French Brass Carriage Clock c.1900 (2 of 4)Fine Miniature Antique French Brass Carriage Clock c.1900 (3 of 4)Fine Miniature Antique French Brass Carriage Clock c.1900 (4 of 4)
    This dealer is located in United Kingdom
    This dealer is located in Suffolk, United Kingdom

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    Fine Miniature Antique French Brass Carriage Clock c.1900

    Ref: 870 / LA124321

    1. wls1971


      I'm 100% certain this clock is no older than 10 years at the most, please look for these pointers when assessing a carriage clock, look at the screws used in the construction of this clock they are a mixture of finishes they are dull and lifeless and almost black in colour there has been no attempt to polish the screw heads and uniformly blue them, another give away is the click spring with a dull black finish, a brass click, on a genuine clock and in particular French clocks this is always steel not brass, the end of the mainspring barrel arbour is poorly finished these where always highly polished, the movement plates have a rough brushed finish these where always highly polished  in fact many of the parts that should be highly polished have a brushed finish such as the mainspring barrel, the word "Hands" is engraved very roughly, on a french clock these are actually stamped these where done by home workers and all the carriage clock manufactures would send their plates out to these workers who would stamp any required script onto the plates then send them back to the factory's, carriage clock production was very much a well organised cottage industry in the 19th century with many home workers making individual parts and supplying manufactures, things such a wheels and pinions where supplied by these workers.

      It's a Lemon

      I don't know why any respectable antiques dealer would pass off a clock such as this as the genuine article and risk their reputation, they should know better.

  14. This is another typical Chinese fake dead give aways are the very poor porcelain panels just blobs of colour to give the impression of flowers no quality to the painting at all, very poor finish to the screws on the movement, poor ratchet wheel with brass click there are other pointers that indicate non french origin the way the back door is constructed is not typical of miniature french carriage clocks, I do notice though that the auction listing only describes it as vintage but it's origin can only be China, I have two miniature English carriage clock's from the 70's and there construction is far superior to this Compare that to a genuine french miniature movement, The quality of screws is very apparent all nicely polished and blued there is a delicacy to the construction of the parts that the Chinese have never matched.
  15. Just to thank you again for your input on this "Elliott" clock!

    While remaining insistent that this model is an original and does not belong to many fakes on the market, the vendor immediately offered a refund - which has since been credited to my account.

    All best - in this tricky Covid days!


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