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  1. You need a Omega part number PZ5260 they come with either a steel tension ring or a gold one : http://www.ofrei.com/page_168.html https://www.ebay.com/p/797864642 There not cheap. The tuning fork movements where patented by Bulova so any watch company producing them had to do so under license 9162 is the calibre number of the Ebauche (Basic movement) supplied to Omega which they would have then finished to their own specification.
  2. ST is the code for steel and MD is the code for yellow gold plated to 20 microns with stainless case back. Take a look at this site: https://electric-watches.co.uk/makers/omega/omega-f300-tuning-fork/omega-f300-case-numbers-and-dates/
  3. The way the watch looks is entirely deliberate, its a marketing ploy of the time and some of the trademarks registered by West End Watch Co use the image of a train on the case they where for the most part sold into emerging markets like India and the far east hence the rather over the top look of the movement and that's where a lot of them turn up, the watches sold in Europe seem to be of a more traditional format and much more sober in design.
  4. I think it's an entirely genuine West End Watch co watch I would put the date between 1885 and 1900 the case is solid silver and the serial numbers match the movement, there is damage to the dial and its missing the bow, but the engine turning on the cover is still in very good order and not rubbed. Here is a similar example on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-West-End-Winding-Swiss-Made-Pocket-Watch-r995-Old-Antique/164650214052?hash=item2655eae2a4:g:HgIAAOSw0~de5k6R They are asking £199.00 which I doubt they will get I would think its worth between £60.00 and £80.00
  5. The eagle with a pocket watch in its beak is a early trade mark of the West End Watch co registered in 1885, they sold some very nice watches and are still in business today, the most sort after are the watches that used movements supplied by Longines. I have three in my collection a travel alarm with movement by Angelus, a early Hermetic cased watch from the 1920's and a Sowar. Are there any markings on the inside of the case back or inner dust cover and outside of case back ? A brief history of the company can be seen here: https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/westend.php
  6. What type of clock have you got pictures would help to see what the problem may be, this type of suspension is easily damaged when fitting any kind of slight bend or kink in the suspension could cause what you are experiencing with this clock, is the new suspension of good quality or is it a cheaper Indian one. The suspension needs to be loose enough for it to hang dead straight under the weight of the pendulum if its at a slight angle it will cause a wobble in the pendulum action.
  7. The V.R marking on the back would suggest that it could be a Australian railway watch issued by Victorian Railways but as already pointed out pictures speak a thousand words.
  8. There are two on Ebay at the moment but not cheap may be cheaper to find a donor clock. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Open-escapement-clocks-parts/402337221878?hash=item5dad2accf6:g:JNIAAOSw-dldrWES https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Open-escapement-clocks-parts/402343745358?hash=item5dad8e574e:g:JNIAAOSw-dldrWES
  9. I have been unable to check the tubes on the clock I originally posted, because I gave the clock to my dad for his 75th birthday, so because of the covid situation I have not seen either it or my parents for a long time, but I would agree with the above post that the air in the tubes prevents the mercury moving in the end the warm water I used to warm the tubes made it more viscous and helped get it moving.
  10. I have had in the past mixed experiences with Omega I sent a 1980's 18ct gold constellation for a service in the late 1980's the watch had been worn a lot and required a service, case and bracelet refurbishment, they made a really first rate job of the watch and it came back looking like it had just come out of a jewelers window, the cost at the time was £130.00 which considering the work done was very reasonable. I then bought a brand new Omega Speedmaster Professional in 1991 at a cost of £595.00 (those where days when Omega where good value) from new the watch would stop when not worn at ni
  11. There where quite a few suppliers of public clocks to the government H.Williamsons, Smiths, Gillett and Johnston, Elliott and Stockall and Marples. The clock is not a Gillett and Johnston the pillars are too plain, H.Williamson and Stockall and Elliott used plain pillars you should look for stamps on the case which would consist of the maker, year and Royal cipher the backplate of the clock would also be stamped with these markings. The following is a Stockall: https://www.sellingantiques.co.uk/648154/rare-edward-viii-mahogany-double-sided-clock-stockall-marples-1936/# The
  12. There for bending curves, such as adjusting pocket watch bows.
  13. There are plenty of videos on you-tube describing how to remove springs without a winder, but you should not be tempted to emulate them pulling the spring out with pliers cause the spring to cone, this will not enable the spring to be replaced without it pushing up onto the barrel cap, causing it to rub on the cap when wound and running, power delivery from the spring will be uneven and regulation or the clock will not be possible, I have had to replace quite a few springs that are coned it can cause excessive wear to both the barrel cap and hole. If you have not got a mainspring winder y
  14. Shellac Lacquers are made by dissolving it into methylated spirits and is easy to remove from metal by using it use a cotton bud with not too much on. Spray on Lacquer depending on formulation can be removed with acetone or Xylene thinners some Lacquers are impervious to acetone and some are impervious to Xylene so it trial and error.
  15. Any member state of the commonwealth can choose to leave but it is also open to join or re-join which some are in the process of doing no country is tied to it.
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