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  1. Case wrong for a falcon eye and hands wrong, bracelet wrong its a parts bin pick and mix.
  2. Just as well we don't have guns because I have a list of people I would gladly...................
  3. I did ponder the mail thing as well, I received a letter from the head of European operations saying that it was vital to stay safe during this period and thanking us for working during this period ( Believe me I wouldn't be if I had the option ) and outlining measures to take, this is a multi national company that until three days ago didn't have hand sanitizer or disinfectant available I had to bring my own. What struck me about this letter was how totally unnecessary it was because the day before I had read the exact same message on a email he had sent to everyone, why on earth send it as a letter ? Prat
  4. In the last couple of weeks listings have dropped off on ebay anyway there is far less of interest to me being listed on a daily basis, some auction houses have closed down totally but some are trying to muddle through by having online bidding only, which is fine but their postage charges are so astronomical it's not worth bidding. I made my last local auction house purchases 2 weeks ago and thought then its a risk not worth taking. I bought some gut line last week on ebay and paid for next day delivery still not received it whether this is down to the post office or seller I do not know but I will be holding off on any more purchases until this is over. I hope restrictions will get tougher so we can get it over with, yesterday I made a short trip to pick my partner up from work whilst most people are heeding the need to stay indoors, I saw plenty of people not sticking to the rules, and even saw one chap spitting on the floor.
  5. I follow this seller on ebay, I buy quite a bit at auction and I can usually find the auction house where he bought most of his clocks and on quite a few occasions I have been the under bidder on some of the clocks he is selling, he usually lists and sell the clocks he buys within a couple of weeks of buying them I have looked but could not find this particular clock. Reading through the guff on the listings he has "I have just received some excellent quality bracket clocks from a private collection" I would say the vast majority of his clocks go straight from auction house to ebay. A very similar clock sold recently at Phillip Serril auction house and that fetched £4,000 One thing I have noticed he occasionally gets stung on prices I remember a rather nice Gothic triple fusee 8 bell clock with bracket he paid £1,100 at Tennants auction house before commission, it went on to sell a week later for £800.00 on ebay. If you are going to bid do so at the last moment you may get a bargain.
  6. Who owns the business ? because if you are all working in the same room and not able to social distance yourself then as the business owner I think they are failing in their duty of care to those working in the shop. The problem with the guidelines as set out by the government is they are as clear as mud, I have to work because we have been placed on a government list of essential workers and as such have been provided with a letter that we must carry on our way to work and if stopped we must show it to the police. There has been plenty of provision put in place to compensate those who have had to close their business for the duration, you should actively pursue that avenue for income. If infections continue to rise then you can expect the powers that have been provided to the police to be used more frequently and stringently and it may become impossible for you to continue to anyway.
  7. I didn't think you where having a dig, the joke went over the top of my head it was only after I posted that I eventually got the joke
  8. My partner works in a supermarket, and the last couple of days even with a supposed lock down its been very busy, I have done no extra shopping through all this and the only thing I've had trouble getting are bread and eggs, it seems to be a form of mass hysteria all this shopping absolutely zero need for it.
  9. I did the penny dropped eventually.
  10. Whats the gun for the impending Zombie Apocalypse ?
  11. They where good fun to look after, but by the time they are 5 weeks old they are unstoppable balls of energy, they where all re-homed and one I still see on occasion.
  12. Some gratuitous kitten pics to lighten the mood of these interesting times we are living in.
  13. No it can't but I don't think the penny has quite dropped with these people, that yes very unlikely they will suffer anything other than mild symptoms or even non at all but once their parents, grandparents, and extended family start dying from it they may learn a valuable lesson at the expense of others.
  14. I'm in the same boat, I work in the chemical industry and the products we make have been deemed essential to food production, I am also a Union Rep so have been busy identifying members with underlying health problems and getting them on the sick as soon as possible and out of the workplace, they should not rely on the NHS here to notify them they should isolate, this is not a dig at the NHS they will be overwhelmed very quickly in the coming weeks.
  15. You should get yourself another cat when all this is over there are plenty of rescue cats looking for good homes both young and old cats, every cat I've had has either been a stray or a rescue cat, last year we took in a pregnant stray female and had four kittens running around the house, all now re-homed, apart from the mother we had her spayed and kept her.
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