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  1. Also you mention Ebay for tools it is worth using German ebay and using google translator and learning the German names for tools because there are far more dealers in Germany specifically selling Horological tools than any where else I know and they tend to be cheaper than any other country, they will not show up in ebay English site searches for tools when using English names and terms for tools example: Triebnietmaschine = staking set uhrmacher drehbank = watchmakers lathe Spannzange= Collets
  2. I dont know what the situation is in Australia with local auction house's but I have had a lot of tools from them at give away prices, I am fortunate in the U.K to be a member of a site called saleroom that collates all weekly auction catalogues and can check to see what is available or coming up at auction, from my local auction house in leeds I have had a full jeweling tool set for £40.00 a very good staking set for £40.00 and a watchmakers lathe, along with many useful sundries. They do turn up at regular intervals so I check every week, I do not know if there is a similar sites in your neck of the woods, but should imagine you have quite a few auction houses in Australia, A lot of what you see on ebay comes straight from such auctions and gets listed with unseemly haste, by enterprising profiteers. I do not know of any specific second hand tools sellers other than Pennyfarthing Tools and Hansen Chard Antiques.
  3. I should also add that some American watch companys where using "20th Century" as a model name including Trenton and Seth Thomas.
  4. These watches where made in Switzerland they where designed to look like American watches, the claims to be adjusted to 6 positions and heat and cold are spurious, they are "all fur coat and no knickers" as we say in Yorkshire.
  5. The bottom items look like cut floor brads a type of nail used for nailing floorboards down, flat to prevent splitting as they are hammered into the floor board.
  6. I may take that idea on to Dragons Den "Old Hippy polishing cloths" available in classic striped or Paisley pattern
  7. The wadding does not leave bits on the parts, its not like it is cotton wool it is a thick cotton wadding and is not prone to breaking up and is great for cleaning plates, liquid Brasso is best used with a brush.
  8. The case style is not common but they do turn up at a rate of 3 or four a year , the biggest difference to price depends on the escapement fitted to the clock one sold at Dreweatts auction house newbury described as follows : A fine French gilt brass carriage clock Japy Freres, Beaucourt and Paris, circa 1860 The eight-day two train bell striking movement with gilt platform lever escapement regulated by unusual three-arm sprung monometallic balance applied with three axe-head shaped blued steel projections to rim, the backplate with small bell over stamped central oval trademark JAPY FRERES & CIE, EXPOSITION 1855, GRANDE MED. D HONNEUR. That fetched £1,000 on the 20 sep 2017 Another with the same case but fitted with a engraved detent chronometer platform and center seconds sold for £1,600 in 2015 I would say the one being sold on ebay would fetch £1,000 to £1,500 at auction
  9. Another product that is useful for heavily stained plates is "bar keepers friend" it is less abrasive than brasso, but must be used carefully and not on steel parts it is very effective at removing black spots or dark stains on plates. It comes as a powder a little bit used with a damp cloth rubbed on the effected area will quickly remove the stain. The plate must be cleaned thoroughly with alcohol or detergent afterwards to remove any trace. It will react with ammonia so don't use together.
  10. Brasso is an abrasive it contains silica as a fine grit abrasive. For pegging out you can use white pipe cleaners soaked in isopropyl for larger pivot holes use until no discolouring of a white pipe cleaner can be seen, interdental brushes are available in various sizes and are also very useful for cleaning out pivot holes when used with isopropyl , both these items are available very cheap on ebay. I find cleaning by hand without the use of a ultrasonic works best for me. clean with brasso, I use wadding type, then wash in detergent then isopropyl , peg out the holes then rinse again in isopropyl and dry.
  11. wls1971


    New door latch made from brass fitted into the old keyhole
  12. wls1971


    The backdoor had been broken into at some stage and was devoid of a lock, it has proved impossible to track one down of the correct size and width, so I have had to make a simple spring loaded catch to fill the space left by the lock.The screws are miss matched but I have got some very small wood screws coming and shall replace them when they arrive
  13. wls1971


    When I received the clock it had strips of leather pinned around the door to hold the grill in, I have replaced these with strips of brass, they should be strips of wood but I gave up on the idea of steaming wood to shape on the 3rd attempt.
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