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  1. The American watch tool co 10mm collets are apparently the same as the Derbyshire Magnus-elect 10mm collets when AWT was liquidated in 1918 Derbyshire bought the tooling and rights to AWT lathes, you could of course ask Derbyshire as they are still in existence, derbylathes@fwderbyshireinc.com
  2. The watch is from a range made by Eterna in the mid 80's up to the 90's called the "Galaxis" they where available in various versions, this is the first I have seen with a skeleton movement, I think it is a bi metal 18ct and stainless model, if it is all gold it will have Swiss hallmarks on the case and the clasp, if it is indeed all 18ct gold then my guess is that it would be worth the value of its gold. They do not fetch great prices and have sold recently on ebay for between £100-250 for bi metal watches because it's unusual it would be worth a bit more but I suspect not a great deal more.
  3. It looks like a Cuppilard movement to me.
  4. Another possibility is that the mainspring is slipping inside the barrel causing a loss of tension.
  5. I have two, two train Westminster clocks one German which I believe to be made by Peerless (Mathias Bauerle) for which I was able to find with help on another forum the original patent information and a English Gillett and Johnstone, both these clocks use remarkably similar differential gears for controlling chime and strike on the hour, whilst doing research on those I found the Sessions clock information , I do not envy mrxmttr his work on this clock, all information states they are a absolute nightmare to work on
  6. This is a two train Westminster chime ? the pendulum rod will hang to the very bottom of the movement plates which places the pendulum bob just below the movement , the suspension spring and rod would be 5 1/8 inches. Photos would help. https://mb.nawcc.org/images/attach/taming_the_sessions_2-train_4th_edition.pdf
  7. The problem with these very early chronographs is getting the parts, which is not easy for a movement that had a short production run and is 80+ years old, the bezel you would probably have to make on a lathe as I doubt you will find one, the strap bars could be drilled out and replaced or soldered, when restoring a watch it is always where practical to keep it as manufactured , you also have a broken minute register jumper spring. Quite often when you acquire watches like this you have to have the patience of a saint and put them on the back burner, whilst you search for parts, it is worth restoring but be prepared for a long haul project.
  8. https://watchguy.co.uk/technical/Omega/378_620_complet_2093.pdf Please post questions in the correct forum category, this one should have been posted in Watch repairs help and advice section of the forum, you may invoke the wrath of other members or moderators otherwise.
  9. Its a mid size Omega Seamaster Deville from the mid 60's it looks legit, it is missing its seconds hand but the hour and minute hand look correct, the dial has suffered a bit over the years, it has a lot of service marks scratched into the back of the case I think this watch is all present and correct apart from the seconds hand. Also if the bezel is gold coloured its probably 14kt gold,
  10. I think the best option would be looking for a supplier of jewels for industrial purposes there are plenty about: http://www.true-point.co.uk/ the above supplier has jewels in the range of sizes you would require.
  11. Some of the mainspring barrel teeth have been completely stripped and replaced with steel pins and not very well they are unevenly spaced and too small it would make the transfer of power from the mainspring uneven and would be impossible to get it to keep good time coupled with the fact its a cylinder escapement. I don't think the handle is the original it seems to have been bent to fit and it should have small bun feet .It's a complete dog at £250.00
  12. I've always used Hirch straps they are very hard wearing and at around £25.00 for a padded one I think they are good value and I can get a good few years from one and a good range of styles available and their straps for fixed wire strap bars are very good. I do not think you would get any longer use out of the extortionately priced manufactures straps such as Omega and Breitling with prices starting at £200.00 even if it lasted 5 years you could still have many many years worth of straps at a fraction of the price of one branded strap they are another way of extracting money from the gullible.
  13. Bizarre why not just broach the holes to size by hand, still its nice to see |'m not the only one with a untidy workbench.
  14. Yes I really miss the watch, but I was far more gutted at the police response to the theft, the person who took the watch was caught through c.c.t.v evidence, I had to give a statement about the theft, the thief was apprehended and then given a official police caution which amounts to nothing its a get out of jail free card that the police chose to use in this country which allows them to record the crime as a solved crime and not have to do anything else, it is just used to make the crime figures look good, leaves the victim with nothing and the criminal free to carry on as before. all the thief has to do is admit the theft and agree not to break the law for a year. I then decided to pursue a civil claim against the thief but the police would not release their name and address for me to do that, saying that they had a right to anonymity and it would be a breach of data protection, both these are just excuses by the police, they did not have the right to withhold the information from me, so I had to threaten the police with legal action, they then released the name and address. The standard of justice in this country has gone to the dogs I would emigrate if I was 20 years younger than I am, I fear we will soon be on Donald trumps Sh@7H@le list. End of rant !
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