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  1. wls1971

    Where was this movement made?

    It looks like the workings of a 1970's Video cassette recorder so i would say Japan
  2. wls1971

    Ebay Long Case clock

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ANTIQUE-GEORGIAN-OAK-LONGCASE-GRANDFATHER-CLOCK-BY-RICHARD-BODY-of-BATH-C1770/233124124560?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Go to the page you want to insert highlight the address and select copy and then come back to the dialogue box you are typing in and click paste, it should insert the link as above.
  3. wls1971


    The movement is a 3/4 westminster meaning it chimes at 15, 30,45 minute but just strikes the hour on the hour probably the simplest form of chiming clock, great robust movements, love working on old German clocks.
  4. wls1971


    Looking at the dial it looks like someone has tried to clean it with something abrasive, I will rub back to brass and re-silver
  5. wls1971


    Various stains to case, looks like it has been stored somewhere damp for a while.
  6. wls1971


    Case varnish beyond saving crazed and cracked and covered in specks of white paint, cloth will be renewed.Back door catches and is hard to open and close.
  7. wls1971


    Dial will require re-silvering and lacquering. Bezel brass but very dirty will clean with wire wool and meths to remove old lacquer.
  8. This is my latest project a rather neglected 3/4 Westminster probably dating from 1910-1920 and made by Winterhalder, case rather worse for wear, varnish crazed some minor splitting of the veneer, rear door catches and is hard to open, will strip, renew varnish, clean bezel, re-silver dial and bezel then laquer case, replace cloth and clean grill insert. Movement will be totally stripped, re-bushed where needed, pivots burnished, mainsprings cleaned or replaced if needed.
  9. wls1971

    An aluminium-cased longcase clock?

    Its a over priced piece of tat, designed to part the gullible of large amounts of cash, it is nigh on valueless as the seller will find out, he could list it till the end of time at that price and it will not sell, if this came up at auction it would fetch £100 -£200 at best purely because some will find it decorative. To part with over £13,000 when new really does prove the old adage that some people do have more money than sense.
  10. wls1971

    Help Identifying Tools

    Number 2 is a depthing tool plenty of descriptions of use on google and you tube, 3 are oil sink cutters, used when bushing a clock and a shallow round depression needs to be cut around the pivot hole to retain oil on the pivot. Can also be used on non jewelled watch plates when they are rebushed.
  11. wls1971

    Beginner - mechanism questions

    The movement is a British made Smiths Enfield 14 day striking movement, it is a copy of a German Baduf movement made after smiths purchased the entire production line from Germany and relocated it to England, the pin you have shown with nothing attached is correct nothing should be attached to it, the barrel touching the wheel points to excessive wear somewhere the barrel arbor holes on the barrel ends or on the movement plates themselves would cause the barrel to sit out of true. If that is all you have of the clock then you do have a fair bit missing and it would only ever be a runner by getting another donor movement of the same type, but it is useful to hang on to these part movements you never know when the parts will come in handy, I have one Winterhalder clock movement that has provided parts for four other Winterhalder clocks. This is a similar but later version of the movement you have: https://clockrepairs1969.wordpress.com/why-i-wont-be-servicing-your-clock-for-40-how-to-service-a-smiths-clock/
  12. The only thing I would be worried about is that the case back looks like it may have had engraving on and has been ground down the wear is inconsistent to the rest of the watch if you look. The problem would be how far has it been ground down and how thick is the case back now.
  13. wls1971

    Ingersoll gem gents watch

    Your local Jeweller or watchmaker
  14. wls1971

    Star Lathe 61626, worth it?

    Its a bit of a disappointing book actually it's mainly just a list of old lathes from various manufacturers and their specifications, but doesn't explain much in the way of using a lathe any other De Carle book I would rate but not that one, there's is plenty on youtube to watch about watchmakers lathes.
  15. I think a lot of bushing problems that are seen on clocks are from using Bergeon or any other pre made bushes these have far too much of a pronounced bevel on the front of the bush so once put into place they always form a ring around the bush which can been seen on the second example, Bergeon bushes are described as hard bushes which they are not the quality of old brass seems superior to modern brass and french clock plates are extremely hard and can be quite difficult to broach at times. The worst sin of all would be screw in bushes One only has to look at modern carriage clocks to see why a good antique carriage clock is preferable to any so called good quality carriage clock made today, such as Mathew Norman or L'epee which always use ugly obvious bronze bushes such as the example below: https://en.expertissim.com/l-epee-music-tourbillon-carriage-clock-1839-1989-12208150