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  1. When holidaying in London once a year I wear a cheap Casio digital this is to avoid being stabbed, shot, mugged or having acid thrown in my face and being run down in the street by moped gangs.
  2. wls1971

    Clock competition

    I read a description of dutch striking which is in its self a interesting way of striking, it strikes the hour on the low pitch bell, at the half hour it strikes the next preceding hour on a high pitch bell so at the 6:30 it would give 7 strikes, this I have read came about because of a peculiar way the dutch say what time it is, where we would say it is half past six, the dutch would have said it is half an hour to seven. This clock I believe would be a more unusual form of quarter hour striking I presume on the even lower pitch bell giving one strike at quarter past and one strike at quarter to. This interesting article gives a description of different striking sequences used in clocks, http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/Murray-striking.pdf And this page gives a very nice description of Dutch striking and details of a rare repeating Tompion longcase clock employing dutch striking: http://www.antique-horology.org/_Editorial/Tompion145/DEFAULT.HTM
  3. wls1971

    Clock competition

    Do you think the date scratched into the case of 1780 is correct or is this clock older than that ? and does this style of dutch clock have a specific name ?
  4. wls1971

    Clock competition

    I have seen a number of Austrian clocks that have the arched lower case portion with visible pendulum, also the flower motif both on the case and the movement screws appears to have been popular at some point on Austrian clocks I have seen these both carved in wooden cases and as ormolu mounts, And all the German fusee clocks of the period I have seen have wooden movement plates. The very large baluster pillars I have seen on both Austrian and Dutch clocks.
  5. wls1971

    Clock competition

    Still trying to work this one out those Baluster pillars look huge I could only hazard a guess I don't think this is English it dosn't seem to conform to any style of English clock production, its quite late for a verge, I don't think its french being a triple fusee, i'm thinking Dutch, or Austrian.
  6. wls1971

    So is this really from 1850 era?

    You can join the NAWCC website forum and discuss clocks free of charge there are many people just like this site that would be happy to help you with your clock you dont have to be a paid up member of the NAWCC. And any new clock helps those members who are compiling a database of serial numbers The logo on your clock is of a style commonly used between 1914 to 1934 which is really the tail end of Gustav Becker production and encompasses the time when Junghans took control of the company, which is also the time serial numbers went awry and away from the linear numbering system used before, the backplate also has a letter M stamped on the right hand side this is significant and will also allow those in the know to determine the age of the clock. Junghans took control of GB in 1926 and serial numbers reset starting from number 1 on Westminster chime clock's and 400 day clocks so I would say your clock is a very early Junghans ownership period Westminster chime clock made at the Freiburg factory . Regarding the striking on your clock if you open the Bezel at the front check to see if there is a cut out along the edge of the dial with a little lever this will be the silent strike switch. The P14 number on the clock refers to the correct pendulum length to be used with the clock I think this is a metric measurement so would be a 14cm pendulum.. I hope this will help you with your clock.
  7. wls1971

    So is this really from 1850 era?

    All four gongs are struck for the hour strike,
  8. wls1971

    So is this really from 1850 era?

    Thanks for the pdf, its a incomplete list of logo variations based on know examples and information at the time, there is a more up to date version circulating on the NAWCC forums that has 17 variations of Gustav Becker trademark from 1852 to 1940(Becker closed in the 1930's but Junghans used up remaining stock until 1940) there are many versions of the logo that look almost identical the following is a interesting thread (very long and ongoing) on Gustav Becker clocks and the mine field that is dating them by serial number's, this is something of a on going project for some NAWCC members who are trying to build a accurate database. https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/post-your-gustav-becker-clocks-here.10545/
  9. wls1971

    So is this really from 1850 era?

    Its not that simple to date Gustav Becker clocks they owned more than one production site and each site used different serial numbers, they where also taken over by Junghans and serial numbers again changed, I think your clock would date from 1900-1920 its generally excepted that most online serial number lists refer to clock's only produced at the Frieburg factory and is accurate upto 1900 for that factory only. There where various ways these later clocks where dated many have a three digit code on the front plate of the movement. You could ask on the NAWCC web site forums there are plenty of Becker experts on there who are actively trying to produce a serial number list for later Gustav Becker clocks.
  10. Number 1 is a case back opener I think the long metal rod fits through holes on the silver round slotted part the black parts are dies that fit into it also, these dies I think are for Rolex case backs are they very finely toothed along their edge ?
  11. wls1971

    Lip Nautic ski

    As it is I would say if you sold it complete it would be worth around £100-£150 one sold recently in non working condition for £192.00 but that had a much better condition dial. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lip-nautic-ski-nautic-ski-barrel-blue-ref-42982-vintage-super-compressor-/163381983016?hash=item260a533728%3Ag%3ARPYAAOSwlINb6~SM&nma=true&si=i4O0rq0vDZnytydLxrsfi4rsEJA%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 complete working movements lip calibre r184 can be found for around £90.00 so it is repairable, the biggest problem is the condition of the dial to have that redone would be at least £100.00 plus, Good working examples of this model go any where between £250.00 to £350. They are sort after but earlier examples fetch the highest prices £400-£600. If you like the watch and want to keep it the most it will cost you if it requires it is the cost of a movement and live with the dial as is, I dont think breaking it up would realise any more money than selling it whole.
  12. wls1971

    Wittnauer watch

    The easiest option is to replace the balance complete which can be achieved using screwdrivers and tweezers, which i would assume your basic equipment includes, to replaces a balance staff would require a means of removing the roller jewel, hairspring and old staff this would require more than just basic tools to achieve and either a lathe or platax tool would be needed and a staking set to rivet the new staff in place. You need a balance complete for a Revue caliber 76/3 without shock resist you may find one on Ebay or doing a google search, you could also search for a donor movement to use. This video of Marks explains how to remove a balance wheel from the balance cock, it also shows how to replace a staff using a platax
  13. wls1971

    Movement id help again...

    This is a Derby calibre 33 movement.
  14. wls1971

    cartier cal 83 movement needed

    Sadly its the way of the world, I think the parts are more readily available at U.S wholesalers but complete movements are like rocking horse droppings, I wouldn't buy a Cartier my self, but my partner wanted a Tank watch so I bought her a 1960's manual wind one at least I know I can service and find parts for it, but the modern quartz ones I would give a wide berth, considering Cartier charge £340.00 pounds to service a basic quartz movement.
  15. wls1971

    cartier cal 83 movement needed

    Cousins will not supply Cartier parts or movements to anyone not approved by Cartier they are just another watch manufacture with restrictive parts supply practices.