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  1. How do you source a new balance staff

    You have to first identify the calibre number of the movement in this case im pretty sure its a Lecoultre cal.201 then search for a balance staff for that movement, all the usual places like part suppliers or ebay. Obsolete clock and watch has them at 25.00 a piece these movement went into aircraft clocks so parts will be scarce and costly I recently needed a staff for a military pocket watch calibre 467 £20.00 each I then needed one for a calibre 415 a much rarer movement £8.95 for 12. So first off you need to establish the calibre.
  2. Camerer Cuss & Co / Rolex

    I think a fair price would fall between £800.00 to £1,200 at the moment its a nice watch but the movement is unsigned and the case is a Dennison all what you would expect for a early Rolex pocket watch but with a signed movement and W&D stamped case it would command more, 18ct Rolex pocket watch prices: Gardiner houlgate 24/5/17 18ct half hunter signed movement and dial £980.00 David Lays 16/5/2013 signed movement £1.000 W H peacock half hunter 18ct signed movement 4/6/2010 £980.00 Arthur Johnsons 18ct half hunter signed Rolex extra prima timed 6 postion all temperatures, a much more sort after watch fetched £2,400. Some of these price are from quite a while back but I dont think the market has moved much on pocket watches.
  3. 2836-2 Casing

    This was used by IWC in the sixties as a way of protecting movements from sudden shock I have a Yacht Club that uses 5 rubber blocks as spacers, it was also used by other watch makers so the idea must have some merit.
  4. Identfy lathe?

    Looks very much like a Swiss Favorite model 2 but could be a east German look a likey: http://www.lathes.co.uk/favorite/
  5. center wheel came apart

    Yes that would certainly be enough to cause the safety pinion to do its job, you should inspect the barrel arbor for wear, and replace the mainspring.
  6. center wheel came apart

    What you are describing is a Elgin safety pinion you dont need to tighten the pinion very much because its supposed to unscrew its self if the mainspring snaps. The wheel should have a d shaped hole to the center place it on the arbor so the d shape lines up with the flat on the arbor then put the washer on and then put the pinion on and screw it down it does not have to be tightly screwed down at all because when you reassemble the watch, when you wind it up the pinion will tighten its self with the torque from the mainspring. Pictures paint a thousand words and you should endeavor to provide them in order to get an answer, not all Elgin center wheels are the same. I am only assuming from your description it is a safety pinion pictures would help to confirm my assumption or may help someone else to answer your question.
  7. Favre-Leuba Daymatic

    That's a very nice quality watch the case is made by Taubert and stamped with the Francios Borgel trade mark which they owned the watch is as you say mid 50's which is when Taubert started using the word "Vacuum" as a trade mark. Most of the Taubert cases of this period where stamped with serial numbers between the lugs so I'm not sure if they are from the case maker or watch manufacturer but I have West end watches and Movado watches with these cases that are stamped in a similar way. The strap I believe is a Vollmer which are a German watch bracelet manufacturer founded in 1922 and know for quality mesh watch bracelets they used the trademark Aristo
  8. This short video shows the winding mechanism in action:
  9. Cousin parts suppliers list a Ronda 837 as an alternative the Bulova ones are obsolete.
  10. I think your travel clock would date from around 1920 give or take 5 years either way, I dont think this movement has the same bridge layout as the classic open face Hebdomas it will have a fairly standard bridge layout with the regulator arm pointing downwards at a 90 degree angle please see this link to a watch it is a movement that will be similar to what is in this clock: //www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Superb-8-day-w-w-1-1915-officers-silver-miltary-trench-wrist-watch-very-accurate/152857305233?hash=item2397016091:g:q68AAOSw-U1aUmOk I have one of the watch versions of this movement but it is not in running order the teeth on the mainspring barrel are very delicate and are easy to break which is the case with the watch I have so for now it languishes in the parts bin, but I feel pretty sure the travel clock you have show will be a similar movement. The screw in the center should unscrew in the opposite direction to the winding direction but either way as long as you are careful you should be able the get it off and be careful lifting the mainspring barrel off 8 days worth of mainspring goes a long way !
  11. Hi I haven't answered your question in my original post to remove the hairspring from the regulator arm, the hairspring is held loose between a regulator pin and a regulator boot, the boot usually has a slot so that it can be turned with a screw driver making it possible to then lift the hairspring free fro the regulator arm.
  12. Hi this topic has been addressed before this thread was about eta movements but there is a video halfway down the thread relevant to Vostock hairspring removal:
  13. A simple screw...

    Dials screwed to the movement from the front are uncommon but not unheard of I have two Jaeger pocket watches with dials that are screwed to the movement from the front but this is obviously not a good way to attach enamel dials as chipping would be a problem if extreme care is not used, screws are not usually of a standard set size in cases where I have had missing screws I have a large stock of scrap movements and have usually been able to find a suitable replacements. Buying a replacement pocket watch dial from Cousins is not a option you have because no one makes them now. Another option you have is to use dial pads which are small adhesive dots that can be used to fix the dial to the movement.
  14. Need help with mainspring selection

    The more important measurements in determining mainspring size are the height and strength of the spring the loss in length of 26 mm would make hardly any difference in the running of the watch other than it would run for a shorter period of time so if the power reserve was 30 hours the difference in length may mean it runs for 28.
  15. roamer

    The Cousins web site document download section has the data sheets for this movement to download.