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On 2/26/2024 at 8:09 PM, eccentric59 said:

or perhaps a practical joker swapped your 9010 for maple syrup. 

Haha, that might be one anxious bride that is not receiving the same amount of attention as the watches 🙂

14 hours ago, Jon said:

 Watchmaking is witling down what it can't be and you're left with the possibilities, then probabilities. 

👍eliminate the impossible and whatever remain however improbable is still possible dear Holmes. 

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7 hours ago, VWatchie said:

@Jon I didn't realize that end shake was that critical. Very, very interesting reading. Thanks!

Now the question I have is; how do you adjust the end shake of a balance? It's not covered much at all or I think I would have noticed over the years. For increasing the end shake, all I've seen is carving up a bump under the main plate under the balance cock or using shims. When servicing a Citizen 8200A I used aluminium foil but it doesn't feel like a best practice. I have no idea about how one decreases the balance end-shake. I would expect this topic to be rather complex but if you could describe the overall idea it would be super interesting.

Also, how do you measure end shake? I think I'm able to assess the end shake of train wheels reasonably well by mounting one wheel at a time looking at it through my microscope and comparing it to the gap I see in my micrometre, but when it comes to balance end-shake I can only try to assess the end shake by feel and it certainly is a far cry from being able to tell what it actually is

I've just posted this on the forum to help understand the theory in conjunction with the practical aspects of end-shake.


Unfortunately the videos won't play because of the conversion to PDF.


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