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General electric wall clock

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I disassembled it and cleaned it, here's some picture before the cleaning.

I didn't touch the dial yet, looking for idea as I am afraid the paint in the center will just go away if I clean it with water.

Should I scan it and reprint it on some sort of vinyl? Looking for ideas!






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26 minutes ago, HectorLooi said:

You will never be able to do a touchup paint job that isn't glaringly obvious. 

Either leave it alone or paint a circle of an entirely different color for contrast. Maybe a textured paint even.

Or you could stick on a colored sticker.

Yes, that's what I was thinking, I will scan it just in case but I will leave it like this by now.

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Hi As it’s an inexpensive clock dial it’s a blank canvas, you could incorporate the center into a design feature but be aware at some point the subsurface is poor and it’s going to get worse. So what ever you choose to do the center will have to be scraped off and treated befor embarking on any designs etc.

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So I painted the hands black and glued them on the new movement hands. I had to add a piece of metal on the second hand thing to make it fatter because the original hand has wider hole. Now it is hanging on the wall which is a good thing because that dome crystal on my desk was making me nervous.

About the dial, if I reprint it on paper it would loose the vintage white as paper is pure white so the possible solution is to paint the dial plate with spray paint of the right white and print the dial design on transparent mat vinyl. I have never applied vinyl so I don't how hard it is to avoid wrinkles. Anyway, I will leave it like this by now but I might do that in the future.

Thank you.










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