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Normana FE190 Craown...??

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Hi everyone, 

Some time ago you were very helpful in assisting me repair this old Normana, I love this watch as it was the first I managed to successfully repair. However, recently (don't ask me how!!) I managed to snap the stem off the crown. As you can see from the photo, part of the old stem remain inside the crown. So....ordered a new stem, but I cannot find a replacement crown as every time I search for FEF190 Crown I only ever get other parts that are NOT the one I am looking for - I can't see that it's called anything but 'Crown' - any help gratefully received!





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According to windingstems.com the thread is a tap 9. The other dimension that you need is the diameter of the crown which you can just measure your old one.

If you need a new stem as well then try here.

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Two ways you can repair this crown,

1- Drop the crown in alum solution, which disolves the stem , might need three to four tries to dislove it all.

2-File off about a mm of the free end  of the tube ( file off the tube leave  the stem intact ) you then have a mm of the stem not surrounded by the tube ( sticking out ) which you can grob in pliers and unscrew the remaining stem out. Dress the remaining section of the tube. 

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