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Hello everyone. My name is Luke and I just started this hobby. I successfully took apart and reassembled my first movement today. I have no idea how to properly identify it. It is a pocket watch movement. The name on the dial i is Jewel. Lol says 7 jewels on the barrel bridge but I only count 4. Do they count the palate fork and impulse jewels too? I bought it from ebay as non running. When I finally got it back together it ran for 30 seconds then stopped. Upon further inspection I found the shellac holding the impulse jewel in, has let go and the impulse jewel is pushed up so it doesn't contact the palate fork. I hope I got the terminology right? Is there a way to get that stone back to the right place or will that be a little outside of my ultra beginner, wheelhouse? Thanks for the help. 



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