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Omega T 12.6 (1930s) NON-shock setting

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Hello friends, 

I've just started a service of a Omega 12.6 / T12.6 movement of a tiny ladies tank watch. 

As it's from the 1930s, it doesn't have a shock system. 

I was expecting two tiny screws from the underside of the balance cock. However, I find this (for me) unusual screw-in-disc. It doesn't look too complicated, but does anyone have experience with it and any advice for me? Or is it really tricky and I should NOT disassemble it (and clean in ultrasonic as a whole)? 

Thanks and best wishes for the weekend ahead. 


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They are not difficult to take apart. Just put a screwdriver blade in the slot, and turn, until the 3 cut-outs line up with the 3 prongly bits. 

Clean in ultrasonic, and assembly is just the reverse. Assemble before oiling to prevent an oily mess. Put a small amount of oil in the cup of the jewel, poke a fine wire (I use an old sharpened oiler) through to the cap jewel, and capillary action will take it through. Repeat until about the oil disk covers about 1/2 the cap jewel.

BTW I avoid taking out the stud screws - they can be fiddly to get back in. I just tighten them before ultrasonic cleaning.

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Thanks @mikepilk

I disassembled it earlier this afternoon (when I have a time slot to work on a watch, I don't delay 😉). I did exactly as you said. 

It's actually a pretty nice way of securing the cap jewels. Seems much less fiddly than the usual two tiny screws. 

I usually, despite having heard of the oiling method you describe, I follow the approach that @Markuses in this video: 


Certainly, high risk of oil baths and doing over-and-over until getting it right. But I'm improving. 

Maybe I should try your approach this time. 


Also thanks regarding the tip about the stud screw. Indeed, I do that too. I didn't do it once and learnt my lesson 😅


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