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Introduction - Jiminoz From Down Under


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Well isn't the interwebs a funny old place.


A few weeks ago I was searching for info on hairsprings and found one of Mark's videos on correcting issues with these fragile little bits.


I then followed the link to this site and spent the next hour reading all sorts of interesting posts. I also noted some familiar names from Omega Forums and WUS (although I don't visit the latter much these days).


So! Thanks to Mark, not only for his time and effort in publishing those great video lessons, but also for pointing me to this forum.


Anyway, about me.


As my moniker indicates, I'm in Australia (Melbourne) and although I've had a watch fetish since the age of five, it's only in the last three years or so that I've really had the time to become involved in the tinkering side.


Initially it was just keeping my collection clean and changing bracelets etc., but how that hobby has blossomed.


From a toolkit that would fit into a fishing tackle box, it's grown all the way to a workshop with all of the tools I could manage to cobble together (and more to come  :biggrin: )


Personal details.


I spent most of my life in the military (28 years) and worked for a defence company after that (22 years) and I'm on the verge of retirement (two weeks to go).


My skills were mainly directed toward the weapons side of things, all the way from small arms to aircraft guided missile systems. More recently I've been involved in Naval logistic support for Australian frigates.


Now that retirement approaches I can see more time available to enjoy the hobby I'm getting deeper and ever deeper into, and this forum is one of those valuable resources I'm sure to make the most of, and hopefully I can contribute in some way, even if it's just a bit of banter here and there.


Will post up some pics of my tools and stuff sometime this weekend and will continue to enjoy the content here.


Regards to All





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Welcome to the board Jim - and good luck with your retirement.


I understand from speaking with many retirees that your life will twice as busy as when you were working :)


I feel I have been retired for many years as I am doing a job I love - it never feels like work to me :)





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Hi Jim,

Sounds like you've led an interesting life but, now that you're into watches, it'll be more interesting still. I know next to nothing about watches so you won't learn anything from me other than that you've come to the right forum! Now banter, that's more up my street.

Naval logistics sounds interesting. Does this involve ensuring that all cubby holes and lockers aboard are crammed with tinnies?

Um, suppose that I wanted to lay hands on a missile launcher..

Welcome aboard!


P.S. Like many Brits, I have family in Oz. My uncle retired from the RAN about 20 years ago.

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OK Jim, I had better welcome you publicly.

I was well impressed with your introduction, I'm sure you will fit in well and be a asset to the forum. Regarding your pending retirement, you'll love it, especially when you have an interesting hobby like watchmaking. I took early retirement twenty one month ago and it's brilliant.

Just as an aside, if you remember where you purchased the press I asked you about, I would appreciate if you could drop me a line.



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Hi Jim - and welcome. I've been "retired" for 6 years now and loved every minute of it. And I'm busier than ever - with music, watches, photography, family history and grandchildren...!





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