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A tool with a feature I did not know about!!! Very cool!

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I have multiple staking sets that I inherited.  The small one sits on a table behind the watch bench...it is the one I go to normally.

Today I got to looking at one of the others.  I have looked at it before but never understood why it had pulleys and such.  So...today...I decided to figure it out.  Happily I discovered that there was a sort-of brochure tucked in the box.  It explained that the tool could be used as a drill press.  Wow!

Here it is attached to my lathe.  Now I know why I have more than one lathe...lol.

2021-05-15 19_00_02-Window.png

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I believe that's what is called Tri-Duty staking set by C. E. Marshall.

Tri-Duty because it can perform three different functions.

  1. As an inverting staking set (the base is deep enough to allow stakes to be used as stumps which means you have a greatly expanded range of stump shapes);
  2. as a jewelling press;
  3. and as a drill press.

It's a very nice piece of kit.

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