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Members Rising.


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I never try to mislead but the topic title reads like an advert for Viagra...


My point is though it's nice to see the membership slowly rising, when it hits around 1500 you can think "I was here when it was less than a hundred members!!" ..lol


Good work Mark. Those videos did the trick :thumbsu:

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Its refreshing to find a site that primarily concerns itself with repair and is not bogged down with selling, buying, trivia & the inevitable fall out that goes with it.


I would like to say keep it up Mark, but with this threads title I will say well done & thanks.

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Thanks guys. My vision was for this site to be a nice hangout for genuine watch enthusiasts as well as a good resource for watch repairers both amateur and professional.

It seems the subject has attracted an awesome bunch of people.

If you have any suggestions regarding the site please let me know.

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We've just had our phone and internet reconnected after losing it for a week due to local highway maintenance cutting through a cable by mistake and I've noticed how many new members there are !  and the new postings will be interesting reads for the next couple of evenings, great stuff ! many thanks to Mark and welcome to all new members.  Phil.   :thumbsu:  

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