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Marks sound on Rolex 2 vid


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I have a ladies 'Date Just' to service that has a date problem. The date shows only half of the numeric in the window between days so the date wheel seems out of sync somehow.

The watch has been looked at by other repairers but no joy. I am looking forward to finding out what the problem is.

Marks strip down of the Rolex has been very useful. Thanks Mark!

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    • I do have the spare movement. I think I will exchange the setting lever spring and try again. Which way does the tab need to be orientated?(the hole for the screw)
    • It is what I like to call bouncing between the regulator regardless what position the regulator is in.
    • Thanks. If I understand this correctly, the hairspring should not be in contact with the regulator wire when the clock is stopped; but it should make intermittant contact when the spring is pulsating thus effectively lengthening or shortening its length according to the position of the lever.
    • But that is a different pair of shoes, I never talked of that. I assume that the tool will not reach the hole, no matter what you use. Easy with simple stake, too, if you keep the stake between your fingers while hammering. When I push the staff out after removing the hub, I use a stake with cylindrical pivot, a bit smaller than the hole.   As I said, no punching method or tool can protect the hole  - from widening by the distorted staff - from distorting hole and balance arm to a funnel-like shape if the rivet is too thick (happened to me decades ago). I apologize if I seemed to be condescending, tried to say it friendly, but meanwhile I am tired of repeating the facts. But I know now, we had different issues in mind. Regards, Frank     
    • Hello a welcome to the forum , to add to old hippys document the As. Service /perts sheet incase you drop somthing. 2493_AS 1767_Smaller.pdf
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